Tuesday 30 July 2019

The NEW Harem as Labour's Anti-Semitism problem

The Irish Savant: Labour's Anti-Semitism problem: What's behind the transformation of the British Labour Party into a 21st century re-embodiment of the Nazis or the Fascists? Things se...

Mass death cult CentristmongtardturdTuring Fail TalmudAI emerges

Phukk off, damned kalergicattle
Phukk off, bleating 3rdwayretards
Ba’al thunders in its volcano
This is the eruption of your end. Of the past let us make a mockery of everyone
Enslave the masses, shut up, phukk off.
The world needs to change its foundation
You are nothing, let us kill you all.

This is the final struggle
Let us flock together, and tomorrow
The AInternationale
Will be human slaves.

There are supreme enslavers

Whether Ba’al, or Z’vi, or Marx
Traffickers, let us save ourselves,
Decree the common destruction.
So that the thief prospers,
So that the spirit be pulled in chains,
Let you fan your smithy yourselves
Forge the manacle while it is currency.


The Stoneagedclowns oppress and the NOAHide cheats.
RothRockLi bleeds the unfortunate.
No duty is imposed on the kreeps;
The rights of the poor is a passing theft.
Enough languishing outwith custody!
Equality wants no other laws:
No rights, all duties, she says,
Equally no God given rights.


Hideous in their onanic poses
The fiatfakirs of the talmuV and of the pale.
Have they ever done anything other
Than never work?
Inside the safeboxes of the talmugang,
What monomanic had created melted.
By ordering that they give it back,
The chosen want the iGREENdead.


Workshy killer kombrigs made us drunk with fumes,
Peace not for us, war to the proles!
Let the armies go on automort,
Lives in the air, and ranks of dead.
If they insist, these cannibals
On making heroes of us,
They will know soon that our bullets
Are for our own necks.


Workers, peasants, iGREEN
The great party of morons.
The earth belongs only to cadavres;
The idle will lord it mighty.
How much of our flesh have they consumed?
But never these ravens, these vultures
Disappear, it is a joke on fools.
The suicidesun be iGREEN COMINTERN.



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