Friday 19 July 2019

Psyopscock and Quantaquim in Prolapsed Pillboxstall

Maurice Pinay: Arnon Milchan's Great Grandfather was appointed to...: "On one family side we go back to [medieval talmudist] Rashi, on the other side we go almost to King David" [Anon Milchan] s...

Sometimes the IP enclosures and papieren bitte routine makes one long for the days when two geezers in a made up load of civvies could venture forth on a sally, two other geezers crash land a Bf108, a long shanks drifts into Hamburg and a cool dude finally jumps the wire. But as they say in tractor stat world they never existed. Like NCIS Barnet it is all a load of theatre with live ammunition in the props. Kind of like the world’s most advanced society being unable to stop urbane violence. The dump could mobilise every masonicrubberbatonround to crush ordinary persons of UKAbo origin when they mined coal or smelted iron. They could get a great big reframed temple whore to gun down overseas sparkies pour encourage les autres encore. But stopping jibbing is beyond the Big Brother sacraficemuppet WalterMittysyndrome by Arsehole Intelligence at Temple.

Indeed the continuity of oligarchy faction here in the Rothpark have done nothing but drive the whole of UKAbos mental by forced driving of faked narrative 24/7. That’s Delmarism from CSi Arkley, correct lying nonstop, you destroy the picket lines and groom the child grooming gangs from stoneagedslaverstan, whilst the john company corporate agents get stoned in the bogs at Westminster gassing legal counterfeit paper.

As one reflects back on the stranger journey to Monte Carlo embarked upon during this life it is the constant cunstants of concern that registered and have never left me, only to be confirmed by accidental serendipity stager attractor decades later.

As I’ve mentioned before, the ausphart, even on day one when we linked to docklands via a phukkofbigpipe, had only two things to offer, bitches getting buttphukked, which confirms EMJ’s anecdotes about Palestine and electric universe theory. There was a brief period of exploring the high country but even then the control shadow was evident for one could wander into any USofA resource on the ausphart and read learned paper after research paper on anything there for free. My office printer was red hot. However in Europe the shutters were down and you could not afford to get into the euro equivalents which were all tolled up supremaciststylee. This is one of the little drips of evidence that makes me look for the source of 9/11 in Euraboland. God how the euroinbredmutants hate USabos after going to all that effort to kill off their own Abos from 1913-1946.

Here in the worlds most advanced pigsty the kreeps on the BBC are informing us that school children are exhibiting more and more mental health problems. The weans are going nuts.

So, you are a car mechanic and every one of the cars that come into your body shop breaks down half a mile from your shitshop. What happens? Well you get the message that this is not your vocation and you bugger of to bake cakes for Turing fails in Nebraska and everything is sweet for you. A competent mechanic takes over your shop and she makes her town happy, car mechanically, and prospers.

Now we take a closer look at what you were really doing to the cars before Sheila took over, you were icing the spark plugs, caramelising the tyres and putting doilies on all the gauges. Everyone trusted you back then to know what was what. Ahhh the gift of failed journeying. So if you’ve spent your career churning out illiterate and numberblinded stepford children with faithbased lobotomisation do you really expect to be getting to die quietly in your bed? Soylent green works both ways you Logansrancidrunnningcunts!

So which bit of ramming peadogogicocks down the throats of those who should be under your protection don’t the peppapigperpaedogogues get? Which bit of grooming them for serving to Jeffries French Fries, Weinstein’s Swollen Doghead and Podesta Pedostal Pesto Pizza don’t the gulagedupelagog get? If you’re being told that taking it up the shitter, cutting your cock off and sewing up you front bottom is fanphukkingphanpashatastic all day everyday then you might be going a bit scrypto by the time you are 7. Where does the money come from to pollute the world so?

How’s about doing some real instruction you over paid fakirkhaants. Start with how to print as much money as you want from nothing and name the RastonRothbots as universalpervperps No.1.

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