Saturday 20 July 2019

Ham Actors (1928) and Qweer Rubbber Tanks (2019)

have you seen the queer paint job on the bulk beauty, that bulk carrier must have been in makeup so long that it would make a pig lipstick mechanic blush at a double penetration by fuerzes especiales and insertion by rapello at a porn shoot in the Sanfernando Valley.

Why aren’t the Somali pirates hired to take care of things by driving inflatable tanks through the ball pond straits? Or perhaps we could get a load of Rotten Pussy and Riot Quims to shit all over the Arseanjanispilots of this world! Where ever one finds well fed western MSMcombatNGOninjas, trouble making troupes of charityclowns and religioknife throwers there you will find the heaps of dead persons who used to be getting on with their simple, ordinary lives. God do the RastonRothbotbosses hate them being so free. Freedom is death by freedomspewing, liberty puking RastonRockbitches.

All the ultramokkingbirds here in UKplc will never understand that the reason their HDTVpissscreens are full of needy Africancharity actors is because they love all this theatre and want nothing more than their offspring to graduate to mountedharembitchboys and wellphukkedbedchamberboybitches of the Rastonrothbot Sybian.


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