Wednesday 30 June 2010

To sea again. To open our eyes.

As you know I was wondering yesterday over at To see you must stop. To stop you must be blinded what kind of society would suddenly realize that the ChiComms are destined to surpass our technological prowess whilst we quite literally incinerate vast piles of cash in a global bush war that can only lead to the destruction of that same society by a massive misallocation of resources?

You know the scenario. Hand over tonnes of cash to mercs and perps, don’t teach your young anything and then flog of the newly refurbed schools to rabid belief merchants for a song. That’s UKplc in a nut shell. Or looked at another way. The most important economic activity in UKplc for the past 500 years is the supplying of fine wines, fresh meat and pleasure gelphs to TPTB, everything else and I mean EVERYTHING else doesn’t count. UKplc that explains the rotten kit supplied to our troopers and their high casualty rates in what is a rat hunt with the rats being supplied better everything, according to their needs, by the guys seated smoking cigars, quaffing fine champagne, biting succulent game from the bone and boning and roasting the gelphs in the Big Room.

Until very recently we were allowed to partake of the crumbs from the banqueting table and even to join in the fun of knowledge. However once the final sacramental voyage was completed in 1972 we have entered a period of decoupling from the Big Room and are to be expelled into the yard with the old retainers and dogs. We’ve been shown the door and are not wanted. Mission complete.

GV echoed my thoughts when she said yesterday “We've done to our football team what we've done to our country, i.e. we've bought in foreign talent because it's easier than training up our own.”. Exactly GV this is a process that has a long, long history. The Venetians couldn’t maintain their fertility rates either physically or philosophically. Another way of looking at this is to say that if you are unfortunate enough to be born British expect to spend most of your life ignorant.

We are nurtured in a deliberate state of ignorance. The “economic” needs of the fiat money machine cannot be fed by its own efforts. For at its basis is a cheat and steal by the lazy. The machine is constantly seeking new pastures to loot and people to burn. The import of human capital at slave wage rates takes priority over educating the new born within the nation. That is why it is abundantly clear where the next shooting match is going to be. Check the immigration stats. The linguists, eves droppers, spies and special ops bods are being born into bi lingual households. It is one of the covert ops carried out by Blair und Braun.

Oh and of course the Floating City got lots of money to launder and legitimize through its IP services providers. Service providers that will have nice big shiny jobs for the bi-linguals on the poop deck of the pirate ship.

In a world view that seeks to lavish more care on constructs than real things the struggle to make sense of what the nonsense sun seekers actually make of their existence is a never ending struggle of the blind leading the blinded.

One of the symptoms of this disease of the human spirit is the constant destruction of people who can actually do real things. Watch the following, which is just this past few weeks in one of my favourite unvisited places.

When the Excavators Came to the Rice Fields

TPTB have been at this in South Korea, Japan, Philippines in fact all through the world at every time and every place. Destroying productive land and making nations sell off their grain stocks so that there is no buffer when the bad times come again. And come they will, it is the nature of nature to wax and wane in a cycle that mankind believes it may have conquered. However look behind the scam and you’ll see that the cycles are manipulated by the markets and a deliberate intelligence will ensure they all coincide in a great conjugate catastrophe for the rest of us.

The great false construct will not stop until the point where no one on the planet knows how to grow a turnip. Watch overhead UKplc, they aren’t just sniffing the airwaves to see if you are plotting to blow up the Big Brother house in a false fags incident. Oh no, they are also watching to see if you are growing FOOD!! Shock, horror, probe.

“Bloke grows spuds in back garden. Authorities arrest ecobalance terrorist in underground tuber terror”

All this great human commotion is not just a natural Darwinian system. This tumult is an exercise in supplied intelligence. The dynamic comes from outwith our main human population. I believe that if it was not an external stimulus then the total fuckwittery that is our way of life would not manifest such thorough criminal activity that we see rolling over the world day after day.

We would take sanctions against the perps.

Who else but the blinded could countenance trade with a slaving gangster state? One massive prison. A gated community so beloved of the Boys in the Big Room. If we awake we’d tell them to go stuff their gear and make do with our own, thus depriving the international criminals an opportunity to enslave us whilst they enrich and steal for their larcenous bloodlines.

So who blinded us then? And how long ago did this event take place?

Well hopefully you’ve wandered through the stuff posted here after Jan 1st when I turned this obscure mind muse into Lalaland, so what I’m about to drop on you shouldn’t come as a surprise.

To try and attempt to answer the first question I pose lets try and see what kind of humanity we were. A long time ago in a forest clearing or steppe far, far away we lived hard and died young. Apparently. Though I believe the evidence suggests that natives of North America and South America lived better and healthier, were bigger and stronger and had greater life spans than the decrepit dregs of what were imprisoned in our stinking industrial cities in 18th and 19th century UKplc. In fact check out any 3rd world slum today and the denizens would be happier and healthier transported back in time 10 000 years to the High Andes I’ll wager.

Though I will admit it wasn’t all sweetness and light. I remember from the Campaigns of Alexander the description of the shore people encountered on the return from the Indus in what is now the coast of Iran leaving me in no doubt that these guys lived right on the edge of subsistence.

We also know that these ancient peoples remembered back a very, very long way. The current native residents of North America can still recite traditional stories of stars falling to Earth with an approximate date and place. Sure enough there are craters in the North American landscape that match the time and place remembered by these holy men.

Any civilization that can put together a long count and work out how long we take to cycle through the galactic plane has access to very ancient knowledge, if they didn’t generate that knowledge themselves.

If we look at the conventional narrative, that should immediately start the alarm bells ringing if you are starting to think properly, we have grunting Neanderthals wandering around in a megalithic primitive Stone Age, then Stone Age, then Bronze Age, then Iron Age and modern society. If you’ve got that then I’ll simply remark that in the short period of modern man more murder has been carried out under various guises and beliefs than in the whole of recorded human history and that the number of souls currently on the planet now exceeds all previous souls incarnate since the dawn of time.


What Do You Believe?

My eye is drawn to the Watchers. The Watchers which Andrew Collins brought to my attention way back before the pups turned up in Trent Park. One of the themes running through our history is the destruction of our memory the cause of which I do not believe is accidental, but Oriental.

The Watchers seem a distinct group of esoteric, classically Arthur C. Clark, knowledge/magik wielders. The role they play seems akin to the legends that infest ancient belief systems about the tall bringers of civilization. Bringers of animal husbandry, crops, metals and urbanization.

Who do these shamans bring the gifts to? Our heroes of course, wandering the savannah, pampas and steppe. The well fed fellows remember them, who confidently set about carving a niche for themselves out in the Wolds. There weren’t many of them of course but that is the way things have been since the bottleneck in human numbers 70 000 years ago.

So someone thought “I’ll tell you what these guys that I espy from a far need. They need a good dose of modernity. Just like we used to do it. Then we’ll set about finding the rest of us. We need to get them ensnared in a belief system that will be mimetically complete and self replicating so that when we are gone they will continue the work”

Now just for a second let us fast forward again to present day and what do we find. We find that all the socialized health care systems have been secretly checking our DNA. That the UN health programmes that swarm all over the planet have been cataloging the DNA. Whose DNA have they been looking for?

The Watchers descendents?

That minority of our population that is the 4% path. The ones that were actually in the vast majority, say 99.9%, when they were taken down. It could be that we the present 96% or so are not the original inhabitants of the old high culture. It could be that back then we were as the Shore people that Alexander spied all those centuries ago and thanks to a disaster the ecological niche was made available for us to become the dominant part of humanity.

So they blinded us.

They blinded us with science and the arts. The time would have been the founding of the first cities and the start of the sacred voyages using trade to bring the world together again.

However I have deliberately left one thing out of this discussion which you might have picked up on.

“Why were the Watchers waiting INCOMING!!!!!!!? Why were they more like the Waiters? How long had the waited?”

Well they were waiting for our Sun and the local fabric of space time to affect our minds to their purpose I believe.

You see in the Electric Universe the human mind and its Sun are one. This is the truth taught in the mystery schools, this is the truth of astrology and tarot, hidden to the blinded.

If the nature of the Sun changes then we may leave our urban traps and take to the oceans of freedom again, we might see clearly for the first time in millennia. For all that obscures our clarity is but a thin enchanted veil held to our selfish faces.

When I was a young boy it was very clear to me that in order to understand the fuckedwitz Muppet herd around me the, unknown to me then, rules of Heisenbergian uncertainty should be observed. This infuriated those around me; they just did not understand what I was about. Now is the realization that a great need to affect the outcome is even more urgent. I knew the lie of the land; it is now time to change it, though I may never know the lie again.


  1. The great lifting of the veil – literally in the Greek – the Apocalypse. AKA revelation for the herd.

    A wonderful evocative stream of thought Incoming. According to the Darwinians we’ve been bumming around for a very, very long time and then one day we decide to develop irrigation. Then metallurgy and soon a useful iPad. What did the ancient Egyptians use voltaic cells for anyway?

    There does seem to be a deliberate weeding out of anyone who can independently make “stuff.” Food, carpentry, animal husbandry etc.

    There is a countdown ticking away somewhere. Many of us think we have longer until the tipping point than we do. I came across a rumour a while back that the bloodlines could be as high as 10%.

    Hunting season opens soon. That you for that eloquent clarion call.

  2. C. the last post was all that we needed. Rested and aware we will take them down.


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