Thursday 10 June 2010

Eclectic Universe

Ever gazed into the eyes of a dead thing? Ever gazed into the eyes of a wolf? Then you know what I mean, no words need be spoken. Ever wondered why you see? Ever wondered why you would need to see? What do you see and why?

Repeatable experimentation is the basis of our modern world view. Essentially the mantra is “If I’m to give credence to what you are saying, write it down, show me the method, if I can repeat it independently, then you’ll get my attention.” That way all the jiggery pokery and fakiry can be sorted from the wheat. Over generations the scientific method was refined and the great wonders of science were revealed and engineered for our betterment.

This process gave us mighty works from the likes of Newton, Curie, Dirac and the award winning big brains over the centuries steeped in the Madrassas.

What happens though if that is all wrong, what happens if under certain circumstances what you see is what you effect?

Let me give this a bit of torque steer.

The number of universal constants being “discovered” has kind of petered off. Newton’s got one; Planck’s got one etc. Arrived at all through the repeatable experimentation process. What if these are local constants? What happens if they are constants for a limited period of time and that limited period of time just happens to encapsulate all of our known history? Well what we are allowed to know about our known history.

I read a little while back something along the lines of the fact that the Vatican get the inside track on all astronomical observations, not just its own looking glasses.

I thought, “Interesting, must park that away in then grey matter somewhere tidily for later use.”

There are a lot of other things beside terrestrial telescopes staring at the sky. Is it all routed through the Ex Nazi’s desk top before we get a squeak?

How’s about this one IRAS or this Chandra, maybe this WISE?

Whatever; that’s a lot of observing going on by quiet people who keep things quiet.

Fans of the Electric Universe will now be getting the drift here. Scientific observation is dependent on the tools at our disposal. What if our tools aren’t big enough, sensitive enough or ingenious enough for us to spot that the current model of our Solar System and indeed Universe, is wrong. Or at least needs a major overhaul.

What if the constants change as our local part of the universe, our spiral arm moves or our spiral arm changes our solar system’s basic physics as we move through the area near the spiral arm itself.

Within the past week a big hit was observed on Jupiter. That’s our other star, our goal keeper.

That was a perturbation.

Something might be diddling with the Solar System.

Voyager is already helping to change the model we had. So what if something has popped through the Heliopause?

If you are thinking Electric then that means charges exchange and a current/plasma in our reality. If you’ve got your head around scalar and torsion physics described at Tom Bearden’s place then you’ll expect the Sun to manifest changes even before the agent arrives. Changes transmitted through the underlying fabric of 4D at supra light speed, almost instantly.

This will have you soiling your underwear. Forget the Gulf spill. What Gulf?

Just saying that’s all. Our ancestors saw it and recorded it on cave walls and stone carvings.

There is no global warming, there is no AGW, there is no Earth pole shift symbiotic with the Sun flipping its polarity. What’s happening is that we’ve been given a new instrument to check out a more accurate natural philosophy right here on our door step.

The constants may be changing. We might not survive though.

Just saying that’s all.

If that is so then the Affliction’s science is going to break down. Universal constants and the Laws of Physics are a manifestation of Admiralty. They box us and keep us trapped. Just where we are wanted.

How big the change? Who knows but it should be amazing. We might even get to use the redundant 90% of our DNA and unleash our minds. We might really make observational and repeatable scientific method redundant.

If it happens that is?

Just saying.



    Could be Betelgeuse cans shed some light on the situation.

  2. Ah yes DM, good old Karl B, haven't read much of his since his Winter Patriot article. I hope we are both wrong on the catastrophism front. A gentler slide into chaos would be fun though.

  3. The John Moore videos were good stuff Incoming. You knew my ears would pick up when you mentioned the electric universe. I always recommend the video Thunderbolts of the Gods. It also includes good examples of the cave art you mentioned.

  4. Yes C I should have put a great big phekkking flashing red sign up saying "Chuckyman. LOOK!"

    Ta mukkle.

  5. LOL That would have worked also. Great stuff as always Incoming.


    It is on fire also under the gulf, but the ocean is cooling it down.

    "Let me scare you even more. Fracking can proceed to where many of the so-called oil wells are joined, since there is only one really big deposit underlying the entire GoM shelf. Yep, all the way to your neck of the woods. All the platforms are really sucking teats from a single sow. A chain reaction is possible, eroding all the walls, going down to as far as Venezuela as a worst-case scenario. And remember, that South American deposit extends all the way, nearly to the Antarctic. The Falklands war was over possession of the oil. Estimates of several trillion barrels of oil can be let loose.

    "Other that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

    They don't call the pacific rim the ring of fire for nothing.


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