Tuesday 1 June 2010

Be careful of what you hate for & never wish upon a failing Star.

If we stand back and put on our millennial trifocals we spy a terrible pitfall awaiting the glass house dwellers and the unwary of foot.

I mentioned a little while back it is striking that there has been a very recent upsurge in the amount of negative reportage released into the MSM and nonMSM about the Rothschild Corporate Entity. The new base of operations centred on Tel Aviv which has been instrumental in the removing of industrial capability & scientific knowledge from the West and the transfer of wealth from ordinary Westerners into the hands of the fraternal Book followers of the dunes.

This recent upsurge in negative coverage has marched hand in hand with a very serious raising in intensity of the outrages actually perpetrated by the Corporate Entity’s enforcers upon the weak and unarmed of the world.

Why has this twinned process occurred now?

If you think that this is a non trivial question then you are awake to a long prepared automated trap.

Where to start? Which dogs did not bark? Of the dogs that bark, which are ducks?

Well a bunch of backward bog dwelling Nazi’s, trained by the COMINTERN in terrorist techniques, resistance fighters to you and me (and have you ever checked out the Pripyet Marshes? Harsh, I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic). These clowns, unwanted in the US of A, simply got on with doing what they were up to in the Pale but with a bit more sunshine and dynamite. Commie fuckedwitz.

Zionist, Kazars, Terrorists? All the names distract from the actuality. TPTB told Roth to build them a base of off operations in newly freed up Ottoman land to further an agenda that has been working through for the past 1500 years or so.

What is the agenda?


Where are the dead?

The danger is not realising that there is a memetic dynamic at work which we are part of. I’m not saying that there is not a certain enjoyment to be had by those perpetrating these crimes in carrying out their assigned roles. Go on, go ask Soros how much money he swiped from his branch of the Trinity before sending them off to the camps, go on. No. The reality is that the Corporate Entity is simply carrying out its natural programming, just as security might in any of the foreboding and ghastly unwelcoming fortresses in the magic squares of any of the world’s great fiat money cities. They are indeed chosen to carry out their assigned role of intergenerational security and for that a genetic and memetic quarantine is required.

We, if we are not very careful, will lend further weight to the increasingly manic automatic degeneracy that will accompany any fierce focus on the perpetrators. They are being used as a great hate feeding dipole into the Noosphere. That is their assigned role, always was always will be, in the spiritual realm. They draw hate energy from the other two parts of the Trinity and despite our degradation; we in the Christian third will supply the fullest amount of that hate. That is our inescapable function if we are not awake to the trap.

Deafened in The Cacoffinic Void

Which dogs did not bark? The dogs that are owned and seek to clothe their studied objectivity with an alternate focus. Agreed that I would not expect the Online Journal of Axle Greasers to comment on the activities of Long John Silver hijacking and killing on the high seas. However the polito blogs out here that do not hear are revealed as nothing more than subsumed satrapies. Sterling in their Ernest debate on so many other subjects that they would bury their gaze in.

And the ducks? Watch the carefully crafted surgings and emetic styling of the ducks for they will lead and drive you to the allotted outcome and date with fate. Pulsing the waves of hate with these continuous probings and thrustings into our spiritual peace. A process designed to make us uncaring for ourselves and others. We, every one of us have been deliberately atomised with a view to conquest corporally and annihilation spiritually. However that means we are sovereign. What we believe is the truth now. Realisation of that simple fact will lead to a massive body count as the dependents die off. Truly the work of evil minds and as always a precursor to the cursed death of millions. Seemingly balanced in outlook, or rabid in their bent, the ducks all outpour into a sewer that they are blind to. Once in the debate you seal your fate.

There is an unrealised though deeply felt motive in the deadly ballet being squared around our circle of friends. The fact that so much time and effort is spent on the actions and statements of these pathetic immature actors in the gargantuan stage of their tiny minds tells us that we are falling into the trap.

Spiritual Onanism.

Without prompting, more than once, those never afflicted have exclaimed to me that the societal residue, within which they find themselves, far from home, is nothing but a selfish lament. The thoughtful non afflicted see clearly the selfish centred nothingness that is the vacant core of all the Trinity. Whether it be Kazari Magik, Roman Spellings or Meccan Wiccan. They are all utterly selfish and reveal themselves by their actions and thoughts to be nothing. A devilishly cunning nothing, but still void. So it has seemed to me since I was a child and the comfort of strangers has confirmed my deepest musings.

If a very steady gaze is focussed on all three of these psychopathys a very clear non Heisenbergian opinion can be formed about their base nature. They are purely temporal. They are all a guide to survival on Earth and have not the slightest aspect of the spiritual about their essence, no matter how loudly they protest otherwise or cloak their foul stench in the sweetest incense sandalwood boxed. They are truly devil’s spawn and their birthings in the second part of the first millennium AD is no coincidence. Something brought them back into play to counter their opposition and destroy the spiritual dimension of humanity.

That is correct you read that faithfully. They are all the same. They are co-conspirators in human misery. They are in it together. Hate any one and you unwittingly hate the other two and this is the sweetest part, which means that if you belong to either part of the affliction you will spend all your energies on nothing. Clever. Maniacal and oh so typical of the set up.

So what is the plan?

The agenda is ongoing since the Trinity started their work on killing off Byzantium. It has never stopped and the clearest manifestation of that in modern times is the fate of Russia. Again look closely and you can see the clearly revealed objective of killing off as many non adherents to the affliction as possible. In fact taking a good long stare at the vehicle designed to do the killing and it is clear that what really stuck in the craws of TPTB was a clear threat to their whole enterprise being revealed as Earth worship by a religion that truly was spiritual and unworldly. Petty jealousy and insecurity all rolled up into a genocidal godless killing machine run by atheists. Hahahahahahahaaaa. Atheists, fuckwitz. Atheists, they are the ones sitting in the corner sucking their thumbs and gurgling down their bibs, crying out for their mommy because reality is just too difficult for them.

This has not stopped.

All the fucking around in every part of the globe is a deliberate ploy to ramp up the tension, fear and uncertainty. As Icke would say it is stirring up the primitive centres of the brain. Oh yes TPTB know how to pull our strings all right, they’ve been at it for millennia. All the primitive emotions, all the visceral reflexes, all the dark psychology arrayed against us to ensure that the agenda continues. An MSM fully primed to pump doom and gloom 24/7, hate and mind meld, obfuscation and confusion, leaderless leadership and falsity.

The affliction hates peace.

Look away.

Wherever this is touched off, be it NE Asia, SW Asia or Asia Minor and Babylon the whole point is to rub out the guys who can actually point the finger at any member of Trinity snuff film society and laugh. A good hearty laugh that says “I know you lot are full of shit.”

God they hate that, being laughed at. It offends their godless god, the Red Man.

We will contribute to this endgame if we do not stop and look carefully at the actors and their assigned roles. We cannot throw rocks in this glass house because that is what we are supposed to do. That is why the proddings and the set ups.

Heads up.


  1. I can see the possible outcomes in sand land (well, everywhere really), and they aren't pretty. Greater Israel, Iraq, Iran, AfPak, I wouldn't wanna be in any uniform there.

    I agree, hatred doesn't help...but can it be stopped?

  2. AdamS the whole thing is a very dangerous group delusion for those who can see it from the outside. You can be sure that anyone with that view will show up in "their" sunglasses in a kind of negative They Live. It is a very, very clever construct and stopping would be super human. You and I both know where that coversation leads.


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