Wednesday 16 June 2010

Pyramid sense & nonsense.

Here’s Andrew Collins having a bit of a yak. Very interesting stuff too, from one of my faves.

Two points though.

He links the Emerald Tablets and Hall of Records. Andrew may the gods bless you but no. The Tablets are control devices; they are technology for use by males and have nothing to do with the HoR.

That great obfuscator, bullshitter, autoerotic manhandler & gate keeper Dr What’s Your Real Handle Hawass sticks his oar in as always. He’s nothing but one of the control devices to keep us away and off scent. I’ll bet I know where his bread is buttered all right. And the mention of Cayce just adds to the bollox. Come on Andrew you are better than that. No one predicts, who has been exposed to the Affliction, they simply predictively programme us. Alan Watt can tell us all about that.

Enjoyable and good info all round and I’ll be parking a copy of his latest on the bookshelves here in the Catacombs.

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