Wednesday 16 June 2010

Aardvark and Sage.

One Ball Radio has shut down.

However I knew the main man would take a shot quite soon. I did so hope he’d goal for it at his new place.

Sure enough I wander over to his (re)new(ed) site and the first blast is at the main event.

“I have said many times that the masses are controlled by the ‘symbolism’ and the ‘geometry’ that they subconsciously 'take in'. I have said many times that our physical reality is created by our thoughts. I have said in my books and articles that we also carry out spiritually binding vows through prayer and hymns (even those that open football tournaments). I have also said previously that stadiums and other locations used for global events are linked together. I have always said that the enslavement of the human race is created through the worship of the SUN and the symbolism behind its creation. (I also give explanations as to why worshipping the sun is so important) I have stated many times that multi- dimensional entities and their agents on Earth (the Serpent Cult) control the human race by manipulation of the collective consciousness and by using ritualistic trickery.”

Now you know me, too much aardvark and I will ask for some more zebra. Too much kafir lime and I want the sage. Contrary. Well Matthew gives us the full spectrum of succulent morsels and twanging seasonings and from his menu you can place the number on the others chefs and cooks at the alter/altar.

In you go, see you on the other side of the recipe.


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