Monday 7 June 2010


All ships chronometers are reset.

In the great aggregations of the reality we amount to nothing. In the vast constructs within which we live our lives each one of us is as never. Yet within the framework we work so assiduously to fancy and hang our souls there lives a light and we feed its non existence. Every day, every way and we do it willingly. It lives despite us and seeks to favour and flavour our indifference.

If I’ve tried to do anything since I wondered out to alter the state of things then I hope I’ve got you trying to see the World as “they” do. Now don’t misunderstand the “they”. This is not TPTB or Rock/Roth or Bilderbergers. As I’ve repeated many times “If you can put a handle to it then it is just stage scenery”.

I give as an example Richard Holbrooke. I’ve given you a heads up on what this genocidal maniac is really up to as UN nosferatu. What is his real handle? He attended the Bilderberg love in this weekend. Why was he there? Did he savour the delights of the Corby trouser press in his massively appointed State room? You know the Corby trouser press? Two serfs are waterboarded in close proximity over a sustained period for the pleasure of the elite’s sartorial elegance. Did he prance around his room and then compare creases with the other degenerates at dinner. Did he nudge Queen B and ask her to feel the sharpness of his red hot trouserings?


He’s there to fuck about and check the pedigree of the next bunch of pig swilling “leaders” that will be invited soon to continue the pony show. No doubt great catalogues of DNA profiles stolen from the socialised medical systems and insurance scams from all over the world would have been scrutinized so that the ideal mounting of pleasurable organs can be arranged.

Bastards or not.

No the “they” can never be known; to know them is not to love them. To see them is to be blinded. To hear them is to be amnesiac. The “they” are only detected by revelation at a distance.

So this heaves into view. It isn’t Capability Brown but it is a marker. RIBA

So let’s get a movin’ who else do we know?

Rev Sun Myung Moon


Ever wondered why it takes so long to do anything? Go on then check the IP . The date you are looking for is Nov 2003. Synthetic rubber and petroleum my arse.

In order to get your head round this approach you must realise that one second of “they” time is one hundred years here. Just like London Underground and Transport not for London.

Consuming great chunks of time at an instant will bring you to the inescapable conclusion that there is a continuum of action. Though by no means intelligent, it does seem to be intent on surviving at our leisure. How to tell? There is the Turing test, but that fails every item of political discourse. There are the laws of robotics and there are the four principles of artificial life. The last one requires a means of passing on information to the next generation.

However what if the “they” is immortal?


  1. Thought this might be of interest if u have an hour and a half free time and interests in any/all of the following: general semantics(passing of knowledge down the generations via symbols), Aleister Crowley, quantum physics, the nature of perception, the nature of dogma and belief, medical cannabis, conspiracies and a good sense of humour. There are several videos on this page. It's the with "Maybe Logic " printed above it.


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