Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Entropy of Ignorance.

Whatever is written, mouthed, signalled or screened you can be sure that a great osmotic stillness is at work on your life.

If there is a place of knowledge then you can be sure that dark mattered particles of ignorance will work their way through the membrane of your life. Or will be carried in the diplomat's pouch to infect your daily life. Either way the contagion will reveal itself in your poverty and ignorance. Though you will not give it credence.

If in the next few years you find yourself alone it is because you never understood the Wii.

The we is a great contagion space where the affliction meme Romes free and strikes the victim with happiness.

If you’ve ever wished to improve your lot in the allotted space then a great conundrum will immediately stair you down.

What tribute to give?

Easy if you receive tribute. However a tad more ticklish if you do not believe in tribute.

What if you are free and wish only to have intercourse with the free?

What if the free are not free? What if the satraps are constricted? What if the tyrant is unfree?

What if there is no entropy?

Only the Oligarchopomorphic Global Anarchy.

This is where I object.

Just to make this clear and unhidden in clear sight, I am postulating that there is a directed human intelligence that intends to cover its quiet objective in as much violence as possible.

It will throw sand in your eyes at every and any opportunity.

There are too many false flagged to count now. However that is not a problem. There is only one eventuality for the parasite no matter how adjusted and normalised.


Eventually we stare it down,

However we take the hits as always.

Remember your flag, it will count soon, it flags your certainty in the anarchy.

Get your nostrils flaring. The smell of the turncoat is ubiquitous and unmistakable.

It wears the smile of dead people.

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