Saturday 8 May 2010

Ever wondered about Arch Angels and Graham Hancock?

I’ve mentioned these guys before.

Usually in connection with synaesthesia

Time : time time : spirit time : soul time : space time : materia
Spirit : time spirit : spirit spirit : soul spirit : space spirit : materia
Soul : time soul : spirit soul : soul soul : space soul : materia
Space : time time : spirit space : soul space : space space : materia
Materia : time materia : spirit materia : soul materia : space materia : materia

As opposed to the usual synaesthesia.

Sight sight sight smell sight sound sight taste sight touch
Smell sight smell smell smell sound smell taste smell touch
Sound sight sound smell sound sound sound taste sound touch
Taste sight taste smell taste sound taste taste taste touch
Touch sight touch smell touch sound touch taste touch touch

The latter synaesthesia is usually associated with women. Could the first set be associated usually with men? If you’ve bothered to read through the Enuma Elish that last statement might not seem so unhinged.

When the container that carries the Kabbalah returned from Babylon a whole smorgasbord of angels and their rankings had turned up to spoil the pristine scrubbings in the work of the psychopathic entity we know as Moses. From there we find them entering into the vastly redacted, polluted and bastardised memory scribbling we term the Bible.

“Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard and I am come in response to them. But the Prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael one of the Chief Princes came to help me, because I was detained there with the Prince of Persia.” (Daniel 10: 12,13)

What were these things?

You must have got the message by now that whatever is written down and offered to us as truth is a mere shadow of what were the original event witness recordings. So let us peer past Abraham, Noah and Adam& Eve, or whatever names/sounds whomever they were had, back into the world that leaks into our vulgar consciousness. Though I do entertain the unshakeable idea that we are not getting any where near the full truth that is currently “understood” and has been so for a number of centuries at least.

Now I mentioned Yonaguni a little while back and this site has a great couple of maps showing the World and East Asia with the sea levels as they were way back before the flood. On the World map I can see where Tsarion gets his Irish stuff from and the Fin cycle. If you look in the Med, that green bit near modern day Tunisia may be the original location of the Amazon city state that Heracles had a bit of rough and tumble with. See the bit down South America way, the bit where all the Nazis and trillionaire larcenists are currently hiding. The bit with the Falklands on it? Oooh that does make you wonder. When the Amazon River ran into the Pacific what was it like down there? What are they currently digging for, what memories are they after related to the Gate of the Sun (tsk tsk yeah 1500)? I see that there is no Black Sea on that map. Mmmmm wonder who was living down on the plain by the lake.

I love maps and I’m again unshakeably sure that there are real maps that the vulgar don’t get a sniff at. You know the one’s the Black Angel shows to the lads that tell the doorkeepers to tell the dog handlers to tell Rock/Roth to get on with putting back together; again.

The second map shows East Asia and my lovely Yonaguni. Look at the real estate that disappeared.

Now I know what you’re thinking. These alternative tossers are full of it. Well I am not unaware of valid criticism. Tracing Graham Hancock’s Shifting Cataclysm

I remember reading TFoTG on the train out of London Euston to Glasgow Central in April 1995. I had the thing knocked off pronto and thought he was onto something. Though I have admitted here that I do sometimes wonder if he deliberately gets it wrong or gets overly carried away.

Anyway 15 years of ferreting and checking out the wails of the tenured hasn’t shaken my belief. The lads are onto something kept very quiet.

So without getting too far into the argument what can we say about that map of the world before the floods? Well just like today the human population will have lived by the sea. So anyone looking for the remains of cities/ settlements and it will be stone I’ll bet if my guess about the synaesthesia is correct, will need to look at where the rivers met the sea on those ancient shorelines to maximize the hit probability. No easy task I hear you jeer as you look at the green areas near Korea and Indonesia. The river mud makes the water a bit murky and it might be a bit deep!!!!

To which I say to you. Boomers.

Oh yes! Great big phekking SSBNs.

Let me take you back to this. Got that? I bet that there will soon be a lot of dredging for gold round Cuba soon. Why?

Well if you are protecting your SSBNs and SSNs you need to map the sea bed. Things like trenches to sneak down in your boomer, Hunt for Red October anyone?, or lay in ambush in your SSN. Soooo I think your getting it. The wrecks are currently a military secret. I’ll bet their sonography has shown where the cities are as well!!!

Ditto SE Asia I’ll bet.

God this has wandered a bit. I forgot about the angels.

So to finish have a swaatch at this. It only deals with the materia : space part of angels though.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

You won’t get much of that from the jibberings of a bunch of sheep wanderers, but if we ignore their propaganda and look back it is all there in the evidence their belief descendants have spent centuries killing people to hide. How far back is the question?

My betting is past the bottle neck in the mitochondrial DNA record around 70,000 years ago when the Indonesian caldera blew its load.

Now that is stretching human memory.

However it also takes us bang up to the present. As I mentioned a little while back I reckon the ancient quest hidden in sacred voyages disguised as trade got the mission complete signal forty years ago. They couldn’t hide the ritual in trade voyages anymore. There was no one there to trade with.


  1. Heard an interview with Hancock on redice radio. He seems to be a dogmatic advocate of psychedelics these days - no one who hasn't logged loads of ayahuasca trips should be allowed anywhere near government! Also he came across as unbearably preachy. I enjoyed his book "Underworld" but now he sounds like just another wannabee mindfucker! Tim

  2. Tim the boaking juice is indeed flavour of the month. De Looze, Icke, the GGT everyone wants to spew their ring in order to get a glimpse of the gods. Idiots.

    Though I do not discount the K rush and the dying drug as moderators between existence and the existant.

    Hancock has a habit, as I have said many times, of getting it willfully wrong. I am just grateful he pitched up and got the first flare off before his handlers wrested the pistol from his hands.



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