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“More From and About The Curious New Khalezov Partner, Daniel Estulin, & Other Agents & Patsies
By The Anonymous Physicist

Below you may have read my article on Dimitri Khalezov and his three 150-Kiloton 9/11 nukes theory and his background. There I noted he has recently paired up with Bildeberger exposer Daniel Estulin. I noted that Estulin was born in the USSR, but lives in Spain, and has a family background in the former KGB. He proudly admits to getting much of his information from the “secret services” whom he states are comprised of great patriots. After avoiding mention of this for all the years he has been a conspiracy expert, just last month, Estulin declared himself a proponent of both nukes at the WTC and at the OKC bombing in 1995.

Below are some recent and fascinating videos of interviews of him. I have pointed out how some hidden intel assets, who are authors and such, sometimes put out 80-90% truth before lying about what I have called the Ultimate Truth of a matter. This they do because their masters fear the People learning this final truth, and to sow disorder in the conspiracy field. One can often still learn from such people, as long as one is careful to disavow ever completely adhering to what they offer.

The first video I list is here. It is by [Russia Today] whose contact page states they are an “Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “TV-Novosti”, Channel RT TV.” Among its proclaimed 14 “partners” are Izvestia, Pravda [“Truth”], Huffington Post,, and the Association for International Broadcasting. The latter has its headquarters in a London suburb, and is probably the “motherload” of all the others, and a likely MI6 front. Their homepage has it motto listed as “The Global Knowledge Network For Television, Radio, Online, Mobile.”

In the first video just cited, the interview is conducted by a Russian named Evgeny Belenky, who holds up Estulin’s Bildeberger exposing book at the outset. The book is said to have sold 3 million copies worldwide. But my point here is for you to listen very carefully, and you can hear that he either slipped up, or there is an overdubbing that throws in a “thirty” at first. So that one can briefly hear a 33. Shortly after this, it is clear that 3 million copies were sold, not 33. So once again an organization, here, RT, is acknowledging its masters, and this is a front, where you will not be getting “Ultimate Truths.” Another reason for “needing” a 33 at the outset for Estulin is to tell all the agents, and thug assassins, out there that even though this guy seems to be against the PTB-- he is working for them. So don't kill him, rather promote him. Note that my writings have detailed that this was also done in the famous speech when the South African leaders unbanned Nelson Mandela and his party-- and that's why he wasn't killed during their transition.

In these RT videos, Estulin goes over the material in his new book, “Shadow Masters.” The latter is about Victor Bout who you may know about from the recent Nicolas Cage movie, “Lord of War,” as the dastardly “international arms dealer extraordinaire.”

Estulin says that all the info about Bout is false, and that Bout is “just a patsy” if I may borrow Lee Oswald’s words. Bout was arrested and jailed in Bangkok, Thailand (in 2008), where Dimitri Khalezov’s offical (333) address is, and where recently the actor David Carradine was suicided as he was apparently about to expose how his father handed over his sons as young slaves, as the intel agencies and secret societies are wont to do. Note here and now is a possible tie-in with the murder of Michael Jackson—also announced to the world, as I wrote with the emergency 911 operator being “dispatcher 33.” Jackson too, and his brothers, were said to have been sodomized during their contract signing, as described and allegedly witnessed by alleged former sex slave, Brice Taylor, in her book, “Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Sex Slave” [read here]. I ask, was Jackson drugged and murdered for starting to reveal his childhood secrets to the world? Are the PTB- -with their murders of Carradine and Jackson- -signaling their fear that the masses would not stand for the child kidnapping and sex slave making they monstrously carry out?

Bangkok, Thailand was also where John Mark Karr was arrested for allegedly being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. I have written that IMO JonBenet was a sex slave and that her killers will never be “found,” because they are protected by their colleagues in the intel agencies and secret societies. And while the parents didn’t do it, they gave their daughter over to those dastardly individuals for “training,” and the young girl must have resisted this training, and was killed, perhaps somewhat accidentally. Karr was brought to Boulder, Coloado, where he was found to be innocent of charges he harmed JonBenet, and was relased there. He was then taken to California where he was charged with child pornography. Those charges were also dropped after “the police lost his computer.” A year later, Karr was again arrested in the Atlanta, GA area and charged with battery and obstruction. These charges too were dropped. John Mark Karr had been in Thailand as part of his plans to change his sex. Wikipedia’s article on “him” is now under the name of “Alexis Reich”, and Wiki calls him a woman, even though the operation supposedly has not yet occurred. Curiously, Karr’s new last name, Reich, is a German word meaning region, realm, kingdom, government or regime (as in “the third reich” of Nazi Germany.) Wiki states that Alexis is Greek and means “to help or defend.” It seems to all make sense to me: “Alexis”/Karr was “just a patsy” used by intel/secret societies to “defend their realm/Reich.”

So it is clear that Bangkok, Thailand is a nexus for the intel agencies and secret societies. Victor Bout was held for some time there, and fought extradition to the USA. Bout’s assets were frozen in 2004 by Bush under his (here it comes) Executive Order 13348.

Bout finally won his case, after a year of imprisonment, in August 2009, when the Thai regime declared that he was a political, not a criminal, prisoner. However, Bout’s own website, -- which lists Moscow as its headquarters and says Bout was merely a salesman-- indicates that he is still jailed in Bangkok after the U.S. “Reich” [my usage] got the Columbian Reich to intervene and ask the Thai Regime for extradition again. And Daniel Estulin appears to be Bout’s biggest supporter, and has written his newest book about him.

Recently Jeff Rense, interviewed Estulin, and youtube has this in four parts, starting here. It makes for interesting listening. During the two RT youtubes, and the four Rense youtubes, you will hear Estulin declare that the U.S. is now a “Nazi-like state controlled by the secret societies.” (Sound familiar?) And Rense states that “Brazil is totally controlled by Britain” via one of its big banks. Estulin proudly proclaims that some 40 languages or countries have his Bilderberger Group book translated and sold. He even cites his first printing in China having 170,000 copies printed! So clearly, this indicates that the PTB are globally promoting Estulin, and through him the Khalezov 9/11 nuke theory that WTC 1, 2, and 7 had 150 Kiloton nukes go off under them. Recall that I stated that each is 10 times the yield of the nuke that destroyed Hiroshima, and the three total nearly half a Megaton. Yet somehow this only demolished a handful of buildings— in a controlled manner— and didn’t blow through to the Hudson River.

Estulin contradicts himself at times, in these interviews, saying that money means nothing, and later that money matters mean everything— and the Ultimate PTB are the Hapsburgs and the Dutch House of Orange who are worth Quadrillions of dollars. Estulin actually first states that Putin (former KGB officer) is a good guy, but later discounts him as a world leader who will help Mankind get out of its fix. Of course, you won’t get any Ultimate Truths from Estulin, Khalezov, or their interviewers with their beloved 33’s.

Their whole raison d’etre is to hide the Ultimate Truths for all the evil, wars, and chaos that my books and works have revealed, and the true nature of the impending catastrophe— unless stopped. But these videos still contain some interesting and factual matters, and I recommend listening to them.

Perhaps the ultimate gatekeeping is heard from the Rense interview. It is something I heard in an Alex Jones video exposing the dastardly deeds of the PTB, that someone had sent me. Both Jones and Estulin in the final analysis state, either explicitly (Jones) or implicitly (Estulin) that “what’s in your mind is all that counts.” This, of course, is why Bill Cooper was assassinated. He would be calling for ACTION, as it will be too late when everyone is either dead, in a concentration camp, or so poisoned as to be incapable of resistance.

This completes my exposé of Khalezov and Estulin. There is no need to purchase Estulin’s gate-keeping books, rather the Ultimate Truth of the nuclear destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and of the Quarantine are in my books. The Quarantine (and its escape by those quarantined under it), of course, is THE matter whereby Mankind’s creators and controllers are revealed to be the cause of all the wars, chaos, evil, and impending global catastrophe about to befall Mankind—unless this is revealed to all in these last days and years. So please tell people to get and read the books available at Ask your library to get them so even more people can read these references. They are among the extremely few conspiracy books not written by a hidden intel agent/asset or secret society member.”

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