Friday, 21 May 2010


From the time that never existed for a place that never was. By a process unfit for speech. We ,except a very, very few, have survived their piles of undead. They didn't survive. Are they afraid we will kill them?


  1. Ah, the genocide that no one dares speak its name...Holodomor. Sort of like a holocaust but backed up by fact.

    Out of great pain can come beauty. I found this very moving.

  2. When you are in the midst of gangster games C the truth is written by the survivors. That is ancient practice. St Valentine's Day massacre is directly connected though the scale is miniscule.

    Liked the vid. Though I have to say that part of the mission of the vehicle which she was part of is to continue the work of people like The Conquistadors and Atilla and Gengis. Poverty will drive that agenda here in the West not the sword.

  3. I’m not normally one to quibble Incoming!! But what the hell.

    The truth has been written by our “masters” for so long that it has been lost. The memories are kept by the survivors. It falls on the truth tellers to find and share them. May it be Cromwell’s expeditions or the Turkish efforts in Armenia , spilt blood cries for witness.

    The St Valentine’s Day massacre was just another power play by the tribe. The name Mayer Lanski’s name comes to mind.

    I hope you’re right. The wielders of real “power” will use the gloved fist first and the mailed fist if needs be.

    Either way we shall know soon

  4. I beleive there is a continuum of evil at work. Specifics will divert the attention of the wary.

    From the small to the large, from the local to the universal, the continuum reigns. The servants do not matter, they have no mater.

    Ignore the names of the dead and I beleive you will seek the killer.

  5. Aren't we being a little hard on Attila? After all he did attack the Roman empire!

  6. Oh hell the mother of all explanations! Bear in mind this is at the tail end of the New Madrid fault.

    Now for the rest of the story. A nuclear option considered for the Gulf Of Mexico.

    The deposit of oil they were tapping in to has been described as the second largest oil deposit ever -- anywhere -- even when one considers Saudi Arabia, the Russian discoveries, Iraq. This oil deposit has been estimated to have the potential to yield 500,000 barrels of oil per day for from 10 to 15 years!

    The well that exploded and sank was cautiously tapping the fringe of the deposit after discovering that the central pressure of the oil and natural gas was as high as 165,000 to 170,000 psi. For comparison, your SUV tires usually contain 40 psi.

    hey theorize that the sudden release of the hydrocarbons from the deposit are taking some of the cap stone with it, eating away at the very structure that has naturally contained the deposit for aeons

    3.4 million gallons a day!

    How will this real sci-fi event end? Well, expers are saying that the leak will either be stopped by the extreme heat from a nuclear blast fusing the rocks surrounding the deep pipe -- or -- as one expert put it, "we could end up with a hole a quarter mile wide spewing oil... another possible scenario is a sea floor collapse. If that happens Katie bar the door."

    According to insiders, the deposit is mostly natural gas -- a ratio of 10,000 to 1 -- with oil being a small portion of the bounty. It covers an estimated 25,000 square miles, extending from the inlands of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. It's huge and, like a plump blister, it's ready to pop.

  7. DM the oil gusher is an old story. The killing of people is bang up to date and ancient. All the same actors but the motivation differs.

  8. Apologies C I didn't explain clearly that what I meant by survivors was the history righters. Our "masters". If I'm correct in my specultaion then they always make sure they survive. It is a strategy for preservation not directly linked to genetics but more closley aligned to spirit. God's insurance policy.

  9. Interesting thought Incoming!! If we are to believe in reincarnation it leads to the thought that we are alive now because we have chosen to do so. We have issues to deal with and our participation is our part in the great play. I hope mine is on the side handing out the ass whoopin’

  10. I always found Hannibal's announcement to Rome very stirring after riding elephants through the Alps.

    "Tell them Hannibal is standing at the gate!"

  11. Ah yes the last elephant DM. Your point being.


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