Saturday 29 May 2010

How much longer can we take the treason?

Viewed from the very peculiar low probability density state that is the world of INCOMING!!!!!!! the past 250 years has been an attempt to remove Northern Europeans from the map.

Or viewed from a different locus the past century has been a way of transferring wealth from the doers to the layabouts using the vehicle of petroleum products.

From the secret maps, you know the ones I keep telling you exist, and they do! I’ve got a pet Eigenfunction that gives me their likely states. You know the secret maps that existed before we pitched up, the ones without us on them, I love maps, and they tell you so much about what’s going on in Groove Town. Here’s a prediction based on observation of the way the world has turned in the past. Any straight line on any map will be erased. Go on that’s what Iraq was about. Iraq doesn’t exist in the secret maps.

Let me tell you a little of what these secret maps are. They belong to a very tight intergenerational Coven. A Coven that has never been seen, witnessed or directly heard from. The maps show what the Coven’s dominion was and how it should be put back together again. If you believe any of the crap that we are dished up as educashun, shun it. TPTB don’t bother with that detritus, they’ve been given a sketch of the real world by the map keepers. The Coven give instructions to the help, the help informs the staff, the staff detail the door keeps and the door keeps bend a messenger’s ear. Then the messenger journeys with a sketch for TPTB who release agents that whisper in Rock/Roth’s shell like in a dark and desolate place who needs whacked.

Notice in that little vignette that no one is getting a good vibe except the Coven. Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

Come on!!!! If you or I wandered around the world what would we do?

I know what I’d do; I’d pitch up and stay for a while. In fact with a group of like minded individuals we’d go round in a band and sort things out. We wouldn’t need food; the generosity of locals would fill our bellies. We wouldn’t need shelter, the vehicle we travelled in would suffice, however I’m sure that the good will of our hosts would see us sleeping under the stars safely enough. We wouldn’t need to worry about the company we kept because of the natural generosity shown to strangers. We wouldn’t thirst since the wine of love is indeed free.

However in any area deeply affected by the affliction we would need to tread carefully at first.

There would be no urgency, just a steady progression as the numbers involved became overwhelming and at last all want was banished from this earth. The affliction was eradicated.

However that very process of doing good would trash the secret maps. It would rewrite the unwritten and banish all lines, straight or otherwise, all demarcations, all dominions, and all restrictions and defeat the programme to divide and conquer us through false maps, false dogma, false law, ersatz statute and mind stun.

To those who would ask us to remember Malthus’ stark strictures I would answer that before we start killing people we should stop waste. The waste of ceremony and ritual inherent and deliberately inculcated into our everyday lives.

The waste can be named?

Any Central Party Committee, Bilderberg, COMINTERN, Five Year Plan, Synod, Trade Negotiations, UN, Oscars Night, BAFTAs…you get the idea. These scum have no intention of ever working, but they expect the rest of us to slave away to furnish their life styles through the trickery constructed and named trade. Trade as I’ve mentioned before should be viewed correctly as a sacrament bestowed on the initiated, restricted to that group and imbued with a missionary zeal to bring the planet under the One Word World.

I, as I’ve mentioned before, have no quibble with a New World Order, a unified humanity with all the borders and false constructs blown away. Free peoples going about their peaceful business untrammelled by fascists and communitarian fools. What I do have a big problem with is having some bunch of oh so smart dullards and lazy bitchboys swilling the best champers and scoffing the best caviar and then telling me this is how we’ve decided, after long and hard study, its going to be, sunshine. It is for you own good, we know best, since we made you ignorant, “You toil, we’ll play”, for ever and ever….burp!!!

So take down the bitchboys and their circus first before you start telling the bitches how many sproggs to drop in the killing fields.

The act of doing good and the universe knows good, will attract the attentions of the map keepers’ agents. The Coven will despatch our dispatchers. Imagine the scenes that would attend a truly revolutionary example of freedom. Ordinary people from the richer parts of the world would travel swiftly and inexpensively to places in immediate need. Got that? Just pitch up with a rucksack, your own knowledge, good will and off you go. Stop and improve the lot of those you meet, and return. Your place taken by similar people from all over the world when your time is up. Repeated until the local population reach a self sustaining level of improvement in their condition.

No borders, no visas, no check point Charlies, no border guards, no government permission sought, not notice to anyone other than those immediately in need.

You even think about that, and you’ll need over unity energy systems, and the UN, FBI, CIA, MI5, MOSSAD, FSB, MAFIA, any number of false flag charities, rabid religionistas…in fact a multitude of RICO agencies fronting for the map Keepers and the Coven will lead pill you pronto.

The only people in the world who are allowed to behave as we would like, unbound and restriction free, are the trade initiates. Diplomatic covered trade. You are thinking coal, iron ore, automobiles, electronics, iPod and Pea Pods. Aren’t you? Well that’s just the cover for sacramental trade. The Coven’s trade that seeks to bring the world under one word. The trade in human misery.

Look closely. Where ever there is human degradation and misery you will find the Coven’s chosen suites striding of their vehicles unhindered going to their place of worship and celebrating the sacrament of trade.

Anyone that talks of trade, markets and capital is a peddler in human misery. Don’t listen to their silken words it is all hypnotic rhetorical magic.

You know who I mean.

They are not of us.

This brings me to the initial point of this diatribe.

Every stinking institution on this planet has gone RICO.

Just how complicit is our leadership in the treasonous destruction of European civilisation? Or has our leadership been killed off with a view to leaving us open to infiltration by a bunch of commie bitchboys who are all non European?

Can you seriously imagine the political economy of China letting a guy from Greenock run the shop? What about Indonesia? Would they like a slob from Acapulco’s slums or The Barrios giving out the decrees and statutes? India? Could Nannook of the North get elected and start burning turbans? Go on then South Africa? How’s about Sanjagiin Bayar from Ulan Bator stepping up to the crease for a bit of legislative purging?

These guys still have their leadership intact, for better or worse, the lineage hasn’t been shattered. Ours has.

How can David Cameron being descended from Moses possibly enter into the political calculus? Who was the psychopathic entity identified as Moses then? A reed warbler? A lamb worrier from the Delta? What ever, that certainly is not Northern European. In fact it is definitely not Indo-European. So what the fuck is going on? Why am I not hearing about how the potential leaders of the UKplc body politic are descended from Brian Boru, or a lad who’s lineage is stout English Yeoman.

Either way something is being signalled here and it smells of treason. We are not going to get any real change. I.e. our individual circumstances improving through our own effort. No; that would require freedom. That is anathema. What we are going to get is a slow anaesthetising into slavery. Listen to the fools, Moses basket cases or not, talking about the living wage; of what? £7/hr. How’s that going to get you anything when the pound sterling is worth less than toilet tissue? We are supposed to think that this is a safety net for the minority that have no skills. No fuckedwitz!!!!! This is the stipend that ALL but the chosen are to be given because there will be no more work soon because there is no more money!!!! Slave masters await. Just like we got a slow de-industrialisation disguised as modernisation and freeing the market, so we’ll get chains slowly slipped over out ankles and wrists as the freedom is drained away from us as the boy Moses decides what we can and cannot do every waking, sleeping, unborn and newly dead moment of our lives.

This is treasonous, it is an affront to our dignity and the way we fight back starts right here right now.

Whilst you can still vote check the background of the fuckers.

Anyone that came up the Nile on a banana boat; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that talks all day about trade; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that seeks to stop/restrict your movement, NO MATTER THE EXCUSE; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that seeks to control what you say, see, write, think, draw or cogitate, again NO MATTER WHAT THE EXCUSE; don’t vote for them.

Add that stuff to everything that I listed in the Rigorous Voting Method

Away from the political stage follow Fausty’s advice on depriving any corporate or corporation of its life blood. Fiat fancy money.

Most of all don’t forget, make sure you put it all out here for all to see and let everyone know what is really happening out here in Groove Town.


  1. Not much I could add except if you don't agree with the best people who can no longer be named but are not us. If you disagree with this program you will simply be labeled a turriorist by the mentally handicapped who can't pronounce the word correctly.

    Of special note and I do appreciate news with a dash of humor.

    "Can you seriously imagine the political economy of China letting a guy from Greenock run the shop? What about Indonesia? Would they like a slob from Acapulco’s slums or The Barrios giving out the decrees and statutes? India? Could Nannook of the North get elected and start burning turbans? Go on then South Africa? How’s about Sanjagiin Bayar from Ulan Bator stepping up to the crease for a bit of legislative purging?"

    Bholanath left the mother of all links around.

    It also appears that statoil of Norway has abandoned ship on one of their rigs in the North sea. Big gas pressure it seems. They may "fix it" so as you don't have to wait until our gulf oil gets there to kill all the Herring the Germans are so good at canning.

  2. DM that's how I read it. BP also didn't seal the bottom of the drill string into the reservoir which allowed the gas a free ride to the surface from what I gather.

    Two things DM

    If they use a nuke to seal, that might just be to get us used to the idea of the things going off again.

    If the Nth Sea rig is getting gas pressure spikes that should be related to deep crustal forces being unleashed by Solar activity brought on by galactic variations in our locality. Hence the mega Earth quakes.

  3. Exactly you are impressing the hell out of me.

  4. Your seem to have covered it all. It has taken me about 25 years to get my head around how how political system operates. I have written a recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF A POLITICAL REFUGEE about becoming a political refugee in New Zealand after 15 years of harassment by the US government. I'm not sure I put it as well as you have. More at

  5. DM I see as predicted the top kill failed.

  6. S you remind me of Catherine Austin Fitts, similarily persecuted. I admire her fortitude in adversity also.

  7. Incoming I can hardly wait for this sixth angel, you know the one that falls from the sky and opens the bottomless pit. It looks like somebody beat him to the punch. Wonder if the telescope named luciifer has anything to do with it.


    "The relationship between the Sun’s irradiance and our current state of global warming is often under debate, but not often enough as the “global warming agenda” appears to have most people convinced the cause is related to humans. From the below chart on cosmic radiation, you can see that there are two main sources of radiation that affect Earth’s surface temperature and climate, those being the Sun and the galaxy."

    They killing the peace flotilla also, about ten dead. Maybe some European parliamentarians.

  9. DM everything we are seeing, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, is the long planned coordinated assault on the Noosphere. They've only been chipping away at it for the past century, now it gets bloody. I find it interesting that TPTB should decide to start it right here right now.


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