Monday 17 May 2010

Total Dulux

I remember asking a chum to video this for me when first transmitted. I had decided to join a bunch of UFO spotters and ghostie pesterrers on Shooters Hill so I couldn’t see the prog when it aired. Hanging out with the wildlife turned out to be one of the most informative nights of my life. I found out that a great deal of what I had suspected was indeed true and confirmed my belief that I was midst a bunch of mainly barkingmaddeloodedmoonjuicessloosing loons. But what a great bunch, what a great time was had, even the Old Bill took an interest in our proclivities and no wild life was harmed.

You want from 9mins to 17mins and then the ion wind guy at the very end.

I always wondered why we never got more of this investigative stuff. Well of course they were just testing to see who was awake. All the rest of it is pure arsebark.

So what’s this got to do with the extensive drizzlings on these pages then? I hear you murmuring.

As I said last year Die Bienenstock is likely the source for Dr Who. I believe the original radio phonic workshop theme musik gives that away.

I reckon they couldn’t give a phekk about anti grav they’ve used the tech to steal time. Goldman Sucks high frequency trading.

The ChiComms have been given the tech delivered by USCG cutter to Shanghai docks late last year.

Of course all this stuff is being “discovered” and not suppressed awaiting the correct alignments.

If my intuition is correct we live in the shadow of the greatest spiritual battle ever seen on the planet since the bottleneck, and the bad guys won. That doesn’t mean to say that the opposition wore white hats. It means you need to understand the spiritual and existential ritual that we are party to.

Interestingly since all the trouble came from the West it is most likely that we’ve been targetted for removal.

Isn’t it funny how things heave into view when looking for something else?

Now if any of that makes sense to you, you need more help than I do. At least I am familiar with the sources of the minddrift.;-)

Have some Starfighters.


  1. Ah the phecking daft things you got up to in your youth!

  2. Yes DL it was a strange night. I went along, reluctantly, because a mate of mine wanted a lift there. I thought I'd go and make funny noises and generally phekk around with the loons. Then I discovered I was with a bunch of folks who'd seen, done, witnessed some strange goings on and could document and had records of what they told me. Happy days.

  3. Glad you liked it scunnert. Which one though? The Foo Fighters or the Starfighters. If the later I'd like to know what the music is. Any ideas? As a boy I remember watching the Starfighters doing circuits in and out of Prestwick whilst I sat on the Heads of Ayr getting sunburnt. Magic spooky noise those things made.

  4. Alright Chucky I am taking your cue and I am back. You mentioned on another comment about people who make your skin crawl. There is nothing in the Isles that can top our undocumented worker. Check those eyes bubba. You don't even have to notice the croc scales to worry.

  5. I know you will be back over here Chucky so I am leaving this one for you.

    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
    The onslaught from the south, started by the Cubans escaping Castro, destroyed 7 decades of Jewish tradition in South Florida, centered around the holy city of Miami Beach. The grand traditions, Arthur Godfrey, Yiddish Theatre, delicatessens, synagogues, Temple House, all gone, disappear as “Little Jerusalem” or as it was sometimes known as, Shtetl by the Sea sunk under waves of immigration. Retirement for tens of thousands, vacations for more, maybe millions, a community that eventually spread as far north as Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach came to represent the real homeland of the Jews as much as Brooklyn. First Wolfies at Collins and Lincoln fell. Now Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House in Sunny Isles is gone and with it, an irreplaceable Jewish tradition and free pickles too. Anyone who hasn’t had a corned beef sandwich at the Rascal House hasn’t lived.
    What used to be a drive down I-95 from New York is now replaced by the real Exodus, resettlement in Jerusalem, the one in Palestine in the country we call Israel, where every condo costs a life and every acre is paid for by the sacrifices of over 200,000 American troops and the financial ruin of what was meant to be the worlds great democracy. Is the nation of Israel little more than a cheap imitation of Miami Beach

  6. Ah DM twas you breaking through the reality filter. Last night 2 new comment counts but nothing in the comments. Then this morning here you are. I''ve never been to Florida and have no wish to go. Hapsburg lands.

  7. INCOMING!!!!!!

    Here's the tune -

  8. Our very own (and my fave jet plane) EE Lightning was faster than the Starfighter. It kicked it's arse several times.

  9. Rab. Ta mukkle. It is now on my own personal play list. Prodigy eh. Sometimes the personal blind spots are frightening. I love Firestarter.

    English Electric. What a fantastic moniker. It always amazes me how much we did with tea bags and wagon wheels. Skunkworks got black budget, off balance sheet endless funding with all the cocaine they couldn't handle, using stolen tech and still they haven't got any further than the boys at Miles in 1943.

    Or the Nazis.


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