Wednesday 26 May 2010


The following has nothing to do with God and everything to do with an evil bunch of piss takers that think they’ve got away with it. It has nothing to do with The Pure Nephilim or the Enlil-Eve hybrids. It has all to do with the Red Man. It has to do with the beliefs of a bunch of wannabees. Part of the pure humans and what they hide. These deluded fools seek to associate themselves with the other two greater parts of the bloodlines. They feel themselves better than the rest of us. They believe themselves chosen and redeemable. Well if you believe that you were chosen by a God to be a bunch of cunts for all existence well…you complete that thought. It doesn’t matter if the beliefs have any substance. They are believed unthinkingly, unquestioningly, because it gives the fools a hardon. What matters is that the beliefs are believed and are so powerful they are almost superior to genetics in their tenacity to leech the particular servant human soul. I suppose it basically relates to the mystery schools because I’ll bet that initiates there get to find out about the real deal after trial and test.

The art of sifting the real, not the truth, the real from the elaborate fiction woven as truth over the past tens of millennia is not simply germane to the ancient past. It has an actuality, immediate and startling to the thoughtful modern. The realisation that something as simple as an accidental abandonment from the Mediterranean and from the orient could explain the basis for the trouble in Northern Ireland. That surrender to a new god would precipitate the resurrection of the old god in three separate parts of the ancient world in the midst of the first millennium AD. Leading to millions of dead all over the world building to a crescendo in the past two centuries. That there is most likely never a peaceful existence on any part of this planet once visited by the affliction until the maniacal ancient scheming is put back together or the universe changes and acts on the subtleties of the human spirit, just as it seems to have done in the past, remembered in a Golden Age.

What seems to be certain about these clowns is that they like the trinity though they profess monotheism.

AdamS posted a nice piece about what may have been a beleif system of ancient Europeans before the affliction turned up. This ties in with Tsarion’s insistence that civilisation moved from West to East. Not, as we have been taught, from East to West. I was banging on about the ancient Indo-European migrations last year. There must have been a corresponding reaction to this arrival. My eyes move to the area of SE Asia for the source of that dynamic. However if we watch the see-saw of history closer to home we can also view a resultant tension between a North-South axis and this West-East axis that is present to this very day. All of it resolved again in the Rothschild Corporate Entity. That is not a nation, it is a base of operations.

Why is this?

As I’ve often hinted at before there is one way of viewing our historical experience that is at total variance with the given narrative.

This may bring self realisation to the fore.

What if our whole society is just one massive experiment? What if we are genetically disposed to playing the role of test subject? Eustace Mullins once remarked that Christianity seemed marked by the unique prospectus that it could change the world and change it for the better. However there is also a price to pay. Who is it that is changed the most? Who is it that has been morphed into a wandering, leaderless corpus?

Our Western experience is mirrored in two siblings. Both suffering blight and manifest destiny. An end that changes each as the other changes, whether in quality, spirit or substance. Destruction takes place as the universe flows and the Earth supplies the dead.

A seemingly unique trajectory that separates and unites in Jerusalem.

What happens if that singular arc is a fabrication comprising initial conditions and a finite experiential run time? An experiential terminus that either restores the ancient or brings forth a new spirit from the Aether. A new Sep Tepi.

Will the killing stop?


Well let’s take a look at the initial conditions then.

Currently any and all institutions will attract the perverts and criminals. Like cities they provide the necessary cover for nefarious activities. That is an iron rule of religious oligarchy. Burn the candle at both ends, we are consumers after all, and the languid will arise to steal your breath whilst you bend. I mentioned the practice at work 5,500 years ago when I was asking about just what is the philosophy of money we practice, and why, in January. What are the so called leaders, drivers and prophets of this collection of soul harvesters actually all about?

Tír Na Saor gave us a heads up on this short video about people farming.

That is Astronomy.

At the Threshing Floor there is an interesting discussion about the ancient history and recent spread of NAOHide. The Noahide Laws, The LORD’s Calendar, and The Killing of the Multitude

That is spirit.

This is not likely to adhere adherents either.

One, looking backward, forever covets the future. One, static though slowly changing seeks to still the heavens. One, always mutable challenges the pyrrhic future.

All spent.

Spirit. Astronomy. Alchemy.

Has the alchemy been captured. If so then 2/3rds of the magic is now in one thirds keep. Though cleverly the guys that set the scheme up know that you cannot do anything without all the knowledge in one place and the conditions are just so. The tragedy of each of the three constituent parts is that the drive to annihilate the other only weakens the actor and revives the victim. It is deeply spiritual and a non physical phenomena.

What do you believe?

Unfortunately for those caught in the progress of the affliction, the body count gets bigger and bigger. Go count the bodies. Here is Gideon Polya again . These dead people are as a result of the normal administration of this rabid belief system on the planet. The attrition is measured in proportions. They know that less than 5% is their target. All the rest is expendable. The number of bodies does not matter, that’s why numerology is so important to them. The agenda realizes that 2 dead on date 35/5 is no more important that 20 billions dead on date 45.600. There are no calendars, there are no calendrical calculations. There is only a count system and the survivors who will await the return of the old days and their god. So forget 2012. Forget significant dates. Like the religious calendars constructed to keep the Herd Attention Space illuminated these are simply ritual and ceremony. The true worship is centered on esoteric knowledge. Secrets of the count system.

Dead people that we would share ice creams with on a hot summer’s day, or a rough shag in the bicycle shed, do not count in the count.

Dead people do not matter.

Only the restoration of what was.

What was the Affliction?

Their god is not, never has been, never will be, and never could be….God.

Just think about that. Everyone who is a follower, whether let into the secret or not, of the Book is likely pointing in the wrong direction. This god is remembered by humans as a powerful entity and unfortunately for us not enough of the reality experienced by these entities has been handed down for us to know who they worshipped in their turn.

As I said previously we need to peer through the murk that has been chucked into our faces, peer past Abraham & Noah and what do we find?

We find a pantheon of gods. If we take my chummies the Sumerians, or if you want Vedic, a whole load of actors and super powerful entities are at war.

Here is an expansion on the part pantheon that I posted up a little while back. Genesis of the Grail Kings. As I mentioned previously none of this lot display any of the attributes that we would associate with God. Indeed they are a bunch of muppets.

So what have we got?

Well it looks like an amazing bunch of fractious humans dealing with life in a universe which has since changed its properties after these events occurred. Could these events described in such detail have caused the changes? They must have occurred since the recording of these deeds would not be entrusted to Akkadian Tom Clancy or Sumerian Enid Blyton. No the recording of this vitally important material would have been given to the brightest and best of those who remained.

From what I remember of one of the books that tipped me off to this scam many moons ago, Andrew Collins- From the Ashes of Angels, Collins relates that in one of the many expeditions lead by Western archeologists in the Near East in the late 19th/early 20th Century, in fact if memory serves me correctly it was near Illysu, an ancient tribe was encountered and when the head man was given the gen on what the expedition was up to i.e. the top bods were hoping to hammer some archeological evidence together to back up the Biblical story. That there was only one true God, forgiving and caring of all mankind etc. The head man, to paraphrase, said “That’s bollox, we around here worship Shatan. He’s the one true God”

Now that’s what I reckon someone is covering up in all the redaction, coordinated editing, deliberate obfuscation and pissing around with what we have been fed. The end result is a mishmash of madness designed to feed the egos of a bunch of backward lunatics who know that the focus of their locus is a devil.

Even the phuckwitz atheists cannot get away from it because they are denying or running from the wrong bloody thing. Ass holes!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder the body count is massive and will get even more massive. No wonder life is miserable. No wonder the whole of our political economy is rotten.

This disease has degenerated every institution and structure that we rely on for our day to day existence.

We are worshipping an affliction. We are obeying an affliction.

Hidden in clear sight as always.


  1. You know that is a very good composition. It is exhilarating to see someone mention the Nefilim without bunching them all up as reptilians. There were a certain portion of the Nefilim around to actually scatter them to earth such as you know figures like Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael etc etc. I mean there are some good guys out there you know.

    I put together a shot at the Gulf situation myself.

  2. DM I like to think of it as being wild but balanced. Will swaatch you later.


    British (2nd Angel) Petroleum may have another hole in the earth gushing 5 to 6 six miles away from Horizon.
    Renowned marine biologist says British (2nd angel) Petroleum gusher will be catastrophic. Worst possible pllace on the planet this could have happened for ocean viability.

    Prominent Oil Industry Insider: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"

    Matt Simmons was an energy adviser to President George W. Bush, is an adviser to the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, and is a member of the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. Simmon is chairman and CEO of Simmons & Company International, an investment bank catering to oil companies.
    Simmons told Dylan Ratigan that"there's another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away" from the leaking riser and blowout preventer which we've all been watching on the underwater cameras:
    I have no idea whether or not Simmons is right. The government should immediately either debunk or admit his claim.
    If accurate, the bigger leak could have been caused by the destruction of the well casing when the oil rig exploded. That is Simmons' theory.
    Or it could be caused by a natural oil seep, although the odds of a seep of that size occurring right around the time of the Deep Horizon disaster is nearly zero.

    There is another possibility.

    It is well-known that there were previous accidents at the Deepwater Horizon rig. For example, as AP notes:
    From 2000 to 2010, the Coast Guard issued six enforcement warnings and handed down one civil penalty and a notice of violation to Deepwater Horizon, agency records show.
    On 18 different occasions during that period the Coast Guard cited the vessel for an "acknowledged pollution source."
    It is therefore possible that there has been another ongoing leak which BP has tried to cover up.

  4. DM BP is RICO expect nothing else.

  5. Re Satan being the true god. If " by their deeds ye shall know them " then the Christians, Moslems and Jews are worshipping something that is evil and Satanists are worshipping the true, good god. Quite possibly. After all, the amount of evil done in the name of Satan throughout history is miniscule compared to evil created by monotheists. How many wars have been started by satanists, for example? Some of the early gnostic Christians believed that the creator of this world was in fact evil, not a good god,as claimed in Genesis and that the good god was in the background somewhere and would make things good in the end. Also, if there is a god, which makes a kind of sense to me, then each of us must BE god, as god is everything, everywhere, at all times. Just as every electron is god. This kind of statement would have gotten you killed a few hundred years ago, and is still shocking today(do not repeat it in front of a fundamentalist Moslem)but makes good theological sense as long as you grokk that being god makes you one with everything else, not superior as in the old political sense of being the pharaoh. You are infinite and infallible within the limits of your own nervous system(a limited infallibility, a bounded infinity).The shit all seems to happen, historically, when people forget or misconstrue or maybe deliberately divide this oneness against itself.

    Tim the Gnostically challenged

  6. Tim glad to have you back. I wondered why my vid in the new post got static'd. Yes the god concept is truly egalitarian, universal, diversified and quota neutral.

    What the smart boys haven't been able to do yet is make the whole thing relevant to us ordinary punters right here, right now.

    What they have missed, I beleive, is that the properties of our local universe have changed.

    It is a bit like developing a series of watersports, going out and proseletysing, bringing back your adoring recruits and finding the tide has gone out for miles. Since you are messianic, or manic or a maniac or mainly mental, the whole thing degrades into beach games. Jolly good fun is had too as you wander around killing off the other teams and new arrivals. However all the while nagging in the back of everyones brains is the question. "Is it really meant to be like this?"

    One day the tide will come back in and it will all make sense.


    Cya Tim.


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