Wednesday 28 April 2010

More Balls.



  1. Is it just me or did Ed attend the same Satanic boot camp as the Miliband twins? The eyes have it!

    Why does watching these creatures make my skin crawl?

  2. C those Balls and spunkchipmunk there have that preprogrammed look all Stepfordian Candidates have. It is a reality filter and keeps their MKUltra/Tavistock conditioning unsullied.

    Skin crawling is our natural defences telling us to prepare the wolfsbane.


  3. LOL Lets not even mention Mandy then. You don’t know if he wants to shag you or rip your beating heart out.

  4. I forgot to add that we don’t know what order Mandy would like to start with.

  5. Mandelbrot Set are all AC/DC. Any kind of welding, they don't care, just so long as they can fuck you over and make life miserable for you. Oh and of course hang out with the Big Boys to stroke their supremacist bent.

    If there is one thing that can be guaranteed, it that no matter how big the smoking ruin that was UKplc after 6th May, The Mandelbrot Set will walk off smelling of roses and into another massively paid cushey billet. They are protected agents of destruction.


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