Thursday, 1 November 2018


There are some lines that stick in the mind no matter how long ago one had read them, e.g. the sentence describing the Rhone commie wine swiller adrift in Morris’ The Age of Arthur, the final line from Homer’s Illiad or the different French/British approaches to Stalag escape in McKee’s Devil’s Tinder Box.

Even single words like Gibson’s “patina” can revive whole book series memories.

Images are even more vigilant in their theft.

The other day I asked an acquaintance to imagine a year where only 20 weeks were spent at work. He said he looked forward to that, what with the white heat of technology finally turning up after a 50year delay. I remarked that I was referring to 15th century England and what with us being currently physically located in the Middle Saxon realm, those days were long gone for us. A khaant from Venice had been sent on a reconjob on the place and it was down hill from then on. No matter what the posterboys say, that thought destroyed my chum’s reality engine.

I ask you to imagine the world view that the commissioners of said recon mission had. How would you react when the report landed on your desk amid the slave count ledgers?

I should imagine that not one of us would have a clue what to do.

For intergenerational slavers, murderers and thieves it was de nada.

So we have a mustang that needs to be wrestled to the ground.

How to explain the sudden stalling of all human progress after 1945?

Let us state the slaver’s problem.

Framed at its most stark, peoples who believed in something other than the three black sacraments were naturally going to take over the world.

In the century leading up to the first stage of mass extermination, free common white peoples had broken their chains through their simple beliefs in truth and work. That had to stop and a return to the status quo ante engineered.

Kielce Pogrom - The Truth about the Kielce Pogrom Comes to Light

When the exterminations had finished, the survivors made amnesiac, false history woven, then only the patents remained to be secreted.

Once one has read enough about the space programmes only one conclusion can be reached, the scum did it.

I am not here to bring answers so I will finish by asking two questions.

Can you work out who would task the start of crypto currencies for slavers?

3000 years from today will you be remembered as a tamer of horses or a thief?

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