Sunday, 25 November 2018

Big bits of titanium scorching the atmos……

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and it got me thinking…..ever wondered why everything is shit these days? I don’t mean knick yourself shaving and dead shit, I mean shit shit getting shitier.

Let me put it another way. Ever wondered why the sum of all the magick CVs pimped all round the world, all the mega prized prizes for achievement doled and all the money published as inflator, is in the aggregate, a trend tending to mega shitdom?

Why is it that all the bitchedleadership class of ersatzkidon fauxclitcentric counterfeitcockmorphic queefing arsefarters are guiding humanity to universal war criminality?

Is that the progression? Universal suffrage, equality and freedom from want make all of remnant humanity non discriminatory murderers?

200 years ago the scum that wandered around in these isles had nothing.

Now that may be a shock to the cockworshipping quimsniffers that occupy the cocksniffingmegaphonic quimwosrhippingniches in the current fluid economic ecology where unstableivorylinga and halflifeebonysnatch are merely spongiformed opinion constructs of too much, money publishing mercury ingestion, by approximate osmosis.

But it is true.

99% of the dwellers of ancient hovels here did not enslave people, did not mutilate their children, did not steal everyone else’s stuff, and did not invent stories as reality replacement. They were too poor and too tired existing. Only moneymingers, that wandering fiat defecating as it walks, 1%, have the luxury of blaming everyone else for their crimes against humanity.

The progeny of those UKaboscum have been subjected to intensive idiotification this passed half century or so from a layaboutsubbunchsprechmuppet group of the 1%workshyphukkwitz whose sires and dammes were in fact bred for racist, misogynist, slaving, and criminal, ceremonial homicidal, ritual psychopathic and retard minded spiritual nothings.

Our leaders in eugenics, always searching for the lost haplogroups of supremacistphukkitz to recruit to the cause of genocide, are sterile failed erectile. Their issue is perified.


Anyway back to the geezers with a slide rule, a pencil, paper and a brew on.

That beast from Sukhoi was essentially 10 years behind the west not because the Russians were thick but because they were catching up after having NYLON talmudicwanksterbankster mupppets foisted on them. Do you really think that any of the talmudic shithouses brought into being this passed 100 years could have survived for a second without subsidies and welfare handouts for the kreepleaderships from NYLON controllers? Really? USSR, Poland, China, RCE/TA, Romania, Saudi Arabia, NorteCoree, Mejico, Bermuda…all welfare scrounging elitistbitchhavens,

The comrades in UKplc had a ten year start on the… having everything your forefathers and mothers stolen away by due process… scam pulled on them.

The brothers in had one more iteration of the robberbaronschpeil to go through before all got turned to free range grazing pens for paralysed hemp.

So where does it go from here?

Well as far as the moving cabbages here in UKplc go, especially London, you can do anything you want to them. They will go willingly up to the alter and cut their own cockandballs off. They will transform their blurts to windfarms for a chocolatebuck. Just watch.

From 55 to 65 all the beautiful birds, 105/2/70/et al, were lead shot. All the jigs and tooling were removed like the metal in the WTC1/2/7 crime scene. Never to be seen again like a 767 building imagination’s magician’s cabinet.

They were too expensive to maintain, tech too rarefied to acquire, materials too exotic to operate and had to die, it was claimed. Well if that is so how can a gazillion dollars, pounds, Euros etc be spent, in countries that are even more fake bankrupt now than they were 50 years ago, on a Bernoulli managing piece of networked crap like the F35?

Two reasons.

1 the white bird technology was going to hold a working society together for one more generation beyond the implosion date of 19serfty8, after which everyone was to be a cab driver moving prostitutes, drug runners and dead people around town. Women; whores. Children; organ donors.

2 F35 programme is a massive black RICO dodobird.

As I have remarked before, can you imagine 500 further years of this shit!! Archaeologists 10,000 years from now will dig the dump up and reckon a bunch of neoretardophukkturds wandered around this place using defogging mirrors all day long on their pudenda.

On the larger front scalability will not be stopped until everything on earth is mediocre trending to rubbish unless the Terrabos wake up.

Meanwhile Brasilia has a great future.

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