Friday, 2 November 2018

Anti-Cementic Trumpagogue Attack Smurphscreem

"The news that Khashoggi's" disfigured parts of his face and body "have been found in the garden of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, is the end of recess for Western collaborators of the tyrannical Arab dictatorship.
After Khashoggi himself, the main loser of Istanbul's most disgusting murder is US President Donald Trump - as I predicted here weeks ago. Her statement that Saudi coverage was "credible" has caused mockery from the rest of the world by her "Lady MacBeth" side, and ridiculed her. The behavior of his own "Crown Prince" - his son-in-law Jared Kushner - was more venal than worthy of a comic opera.
As I predicted, although the Clinton family largely benefited from the Saudi largesse, the Democrats and their vast media support made the assassination of Khashoggi their new casus belli, in place of the "Russiagate" in loss of speed (in fact the same people who, over the last two years, have flooded the US airwaves with russophobic hate raised their hands to the sky, horrified, when Trump - Putin's puppet, remember - announced a nuclear arms race against Russia).
From Uber to Facebook, from JP Morgan to Virgin, dozens of companies and personalities have given up going to "desert Davos" and the kingdom "is in crisis" as the Saudi energy minister has just publicly acknowledged.
All of this is self-evident and one can easily predict the end of the brutal and brutal reign of the Saudi Caligula that killed thousands of people in Yemen, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia.
In the West, it's like suddenly turning on the light and seeing the cockroaches running at full speed. Nowhere is this show as abject as in the United Kingdom.
In the 1980s, I was sent on a parliamentary mission to Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of Sir Francis Pym, who was later named Lord, a great Tory who was Foreign Minister of Great Britain, before this function does not deteriorate due to the mediocrity and obvious lack of class of its occupants. There were tensions between the British and the Saudis who were threatening to disrupt the highly lucrative and treacherous arms deal of Al Yamamamah.
"Ointment, my dear, ointment," that's our mission, Sir Francis told me. We must cover them with ointment. "There is no question of apologizing .... I will not apologize, "he added (I repeat, at the time, it was the high class), to coat them with a good layer of ointment, this is our roadmap.
We met the Saudi king of the day and most important princes; Sir Francis was a master in his part. He never apologized, but he gave them a lot, a lot of ointment. It worked, and the dirty business of milking the old idiots in power in Riyadh has resumed.
Of course, the British profits were not comparable to the loot of the United States, and the difference between the two has only increased for the next thirty years. The other difference is that now it's not just rifles, but butter, technology, media, movies, hobbies (who knew Disneyland was a Saudi playground?) And tourism.
In reality, thousands of Western media and their little hands have been corrupted by Saudi gold. All kinds of think-tanks, "institutes," and even the Natural History Museum of Britain, received money from the House of Saud. The bad luck was that the very night the music stopped with the murder of a Washington Post columnist and the dismemberment of his body, the Saudi Embassy organized an evening in one of the august halls of this museum. .
The irony that the Creationist Kingdom ** chose to sip alcoholic cocktails in the house that Charles Darwin built, has not escaped the attention of many. Newspapers and magazines that had been fattening openly and secretly thanks to Saudi sponsorship, with advertising revenues and other arrangements between friends are now shocked! Shocked! Like the corrupt Vichy police chief who "discovers" that there are gaming tables at Humphrey Bogart's Rick's Café in the film "Casablanca".
Nobody returned his jacket as quickly as the head of public relations of the Saudi Crown Prince in the West, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.
When appearing with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Friedman seemed on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Having wasted tens of thousands of words for a criminal like Mohammed bin Salman! You must not regret Tom, you were well paid for the whole time it lasted!
As Oscar Wilde put it about the deathbed scene in Charles Dickens' "Little Nell" - "it would take a heart of stone not to laugh. "
But the most devastating has been corruption in the political class itself, and we will soon hear about it.
When Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled a motion earlier in the year to stop British arms sales to Saudi Arabia pending an investigation into the use of these weapons in the bloody war against Yemen, the The motion could very well have passed if more than 100 Labor deputies from his own camp had not been guilty of treason. Gay Labor MPs have joined the camp of those who throw gays from the buildings. Feminist Labor MPs have joined the ranks of those who do not recognize women's rights. All these democrats supported the desert absence of freedom and democracy. I did not understand and wondered about the extent of Saudi support among Labor MPs.
Because this story has not finished making waves.
For now, the "Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques", to give the Saudi kings their title on Friday ***, are busy erasing the face of Jamal Khashoggi, a man who may have slightly criticized Saudi politics, but who supported the Saudi-backed army of head-cutters in Syria until the very moment his own head was torn from his shoulder. This man who wrote a Washington Post editorial entitled "It's time to divide Syria" was itself divided into several parts by the instigators of the failed division of Syria.
Even Shakespeare could not have written such a story.
George Galloway , , October 23, 2018
George Galloway has been a member of the British Parliament for almost 30 years. He hosts TV and radio programs (including RT). He is a filmmaker, writer and a renowned speaker.

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