Thursday, 22 November 2018

Hasdrubal Gisco Histo Disco

Context. The Greeks at that time thought the Phoenecian sub clan as primitive postnatalabortionistchildburners, artistic and cultural retards. The Carthaginians thought the Iberian Celts as bronzeagedniggers.

Nothing is ever mentioned about the secret rat lines shifting gold and slaves around in the background south of then Libya. The same rat lines used, almost a thousand years after the Barcabooyahtribe, when the NuAbrahamicprotoWassabic delivery service got its middle of the night watch gate openers to work for them again in Libya and Iberia.

More than a thousand years after that and Frog/Spic legionnaires are still mystified by the secret ways through the desert.

For such dynamic commerkrimalrats they do like hiding gold, as Rommel was supposed to have stolen when he rolled through. And didn’t they foment Freidman/Marx et al economics? BWAHAHAHAHAAAA OFM!!!

There is no corollary in the North since everything was snow bound, so the commerccriminals start at an almost even playing field on the water ways.


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