Thursday 10 March 2016

Canary Farts

It is a long held maxim that the canary in the coal mine will warn of impending toxic doom. So everyone is always looking for that “Canary in the coalmine” warning sign that the enterprise is going tits up just after the yellow bird goes belly up…..faked up of course because the canaries are now imported charity penguins with excellent cuisine….. diversityphosporousinclusiveWMDstylee hand delivered by a, psychotic leather straps and rubberwallpaper leadership course graduate, bitchboybitchandrogynuch in need of high velocity pharmaceutical delivery therapeuticalsIGFarbenstylee, to defenceless persons in a globalised conzetrationslager run by hivemindedKAPOperps who need massive skiing accidents at the edge of DAVOS the dalek leader’s steel jacketed jacuzzi.

A sign here in the Easyjet Borough in Naarf Laandahn, where the closed shop taxis live, is the sudden banging out of a whole neighbourhood, Krystalnachtstylee without the smashing windows, all of a sudden like from a posh area that never put “For Sale” signs up. In 1937 one would have gotten the message to leg it to New York.

Another portent is the sudden, Orsonwellstylee Znation swelling of gazillions of unemployed bit actors queuing, into not quite cattletruckstylee, scarifying of the despairing Shengenscumborderers, breakdown of national control longrange planning John Companystylee.

One will notice that there was never any MSM coverage of government sponsored destruction of public bodies in UKplc on behalf of pirate operations sailing under the flag of voodooschools of makeitupeconomics and concoctitpolitical theorisky. Right now the most advanced society in the world is making the skills of MDs and GPs redundant as the coming sonderkommandoNHS has you pointing your barearse at the HDTV PyonyangpissVision AI MaxHeadroomersatzMengele MD for declaration as Soylent Green material. Remember the einsatzgruppenAmazondrone does not just deliver. It can drag your noncompliant condemned carcass away into the night to be turned into Passover biscuits and Easter eggs, UKbeefburgercrisistyleee. Ain’t chemistry a wonder.

Last night we had our VTICBBcNNC Reggie Omar, the famous synthetic oscar denier, telling us that our Buckingham butterfly was in favour of a Maoist canary cull, great leap forwardstylee, and was for and against everything and nothing in and out of Europe and Corexit.

Looking at my HDTV pixelated houdinibox I longed for the days when Gerry Adams was not allowed to have his voice heard. Yet I can gorge myself on scripted crisis madeupslaughtergoreanddeadepeople everywhere, signed off by HM Treasury, yet not see the car registration number of someone who got their arse caught taking it sideways from a steampowered rabbi enacted by future oscar winner Idris Cider. Or was it Gingerbeer Rogers, the BAFTA winner, getting curtain cleaned off by an on/off Madmulla disguised as the International Space Insult Station swimmingpool, aushwitzstylee. All the while shape shifting wikaCardinals have inverted the poles just to fuck off the limbless dancers at Shaggmint Skippy.

“So what the fuck are you on about today fuckface?” I hear you moan. “Haven’t we suffered enough!”

Just wanted to say that right now the altPRAVDAbooks are farting 0.9999 assayed pure cyanide gas into our minds, most of us are now dead and don’t even know it. Edward G Robinson time, has come and gone.

Mind you I could be wrong.