Friday 27 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 4 of ?

Deliberately; this outing will be chaotic.

Darwinians’ speciality.

Policemaaan”  where? Here, but how? As Brian Akira, God bless his soul, would have noted. This clown is heathen. Gently, gently catchee monkeee. Maxamixing total bollox.

If they think that the illegal alien is going to deliver anything to their empty, fat, dinner plated fates then they are unknowing, though not fools.

“Jews were by no means the only targets of this social engineering, but they were pursued the most ruthlessly. They were also, not coincidentally, the victims with the fewest resources to defend themselves. Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Security Main Office, offered one of the most frank statements that syncretized slave labor and genocide in the well-known Wannsee protocol of early 1942: … in the course of the final solution, the Jews will enter the Labor Action in a suitable way in the East. In large work gangs, separated by sex, Jews capable of work will build roads. During this work, a large number will doubtless perish due to natural cause. The possible final remnant will doubtless represent a natural selection and be that part most capable of resistance. It will have to be handled accordingly, for if these were to beset free, they would act as the seed of a new Jewish revival “BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Now then now then now then, whose limiting wishes are being fulfilled within Lamarckian boundaries?


Let us listen to Gentleman John Harris. He is Archetype.

God bless him.


  1. Hey Tuks,...Faaark, this place rocks mate! I think I staggered past a few days ago, maybe, can;t remember I'm usually orf me titz by T-thyme! This stuff is boocoo buddy, boo fucking coo mate!

    Don't ya just love Bladder Runner - "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" PK Dick, RIP , one'a me maytz.


  2. And there you are.

    Edward James Olmos; only his pock marked face could do the origami.

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