Friday 18 May 2012

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Null DNA? Part 3 of ?

Cursed or accursed?

I’ve been bashing my bonce for 2 years now trying to put the wordy words together to meaningfully convey my thesis. Which is, at its simplest, wrapped in the nature of light. What is it? Whatever it is it is entrapped within a great fabric of lies and eyes.

If we are to take Planck, the last universal constant and you know what I think about that state, my eyes are constantly absorbing momentum. What does that mean to me in the aggregated loop?

Einstein, the fakir, used to take the railcar and imagined riding a light wave. And he was stopped. Stopped when?

If we take JCM at his word then the answer is nowhere yet and everywhere gone. Allwhere.

Gold, no we are not going hyperdimensional, is another of those constants that fail my consonants and vowel movements. Everytime the clown Paul, not Damascene, opens his yapp about the Fed you can see that age old god given slaver mind at work. I love listening to the precious metals lads, Morgan, Chapman, Maloney et al. They are worth their weight in… ermm… HOWEVER, I have never heard any of these guys state the obvious. Bearing in mind that several are already on the horses and many are being checked out for inclusion in the Magnificent Seven, I admire their work, I cannot state this more clearly than that precious metals are being recovered as a continuing process off slavery, unending servitude as a device, as engineered human suffering. It is, like fiat money, a monolith of the fakir construct of monoheathenism. Want gold and silver? You must accept slavery.

Well you can GGTF!!

So there I was struggling to try and make sense of one strand of what I would want to apply vast numbers of wordysword upon and then LL scripted it so simply.

Nuff said for the moment.


  1. Incoming sorry for the OT.
    THanks for stopping by :)

    Your news story reminded me of an older post on Israel's spy base in the Negev desert
    It is very relevant to the flame & stuxnet cyberattacks-

    PS: I have added you to my sidebar
    I am very bad at blog maintenance

    And am going to attach that old post to yesterday's flame story
    thanks for reminding me about it!

  2. Excellent P.

    Compliment reciprocated.


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