Thursday 14 June 2012


Chimes with my thoughts on some given thoughts and naught belief this passed week.




No rest until never.

It will be hard lifting though.

Many will die.

Keep your lists up to date.



  1. There is a book called German Boy that tells in detail of these expulsions.

  2. I guess somehow the Germans forgot to erect an INDUSTRY over their expelled brethren, so no museums and Hollywood movies, but a book snuck through, and maybe some articles from time to time. Quaint.

  3. Hi AP thanks for dropping by.

    Yes weird how the story got lost. James Lucas The Last Days of the Reich (Arms and Armour Press 1986)clued me in a long while ago. Every winter I reread Will Fey's collected memoirs of the SS Panzertruppen (Munin Verlag 1990). The last section is very instructive.

    I am currently putting together a rather weird Forensic Story Telling case over at the other shop and some troofers out here are going to get it because they are contributing to the deliberate amnesia, I believe because of their RISC OCD. They are either too thick to think it out or agents.

    They are RISC. Reduced Instruction Set C*"%$.

    Anyway as I've remarked more than once the lads in charge need to get another market clearing system in place pronto because the Germans and others are finally putting the whole crime scene together Hercule Poirot stylee and the pirate base at RCE/TA will get swept into the sea just like the last one a thousand years ago.

  4. Looking forward to your forensics...


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