Saturday 27 October 2012

Why Would You?

Where and for how much fooling?

I do not mean any fuckwitz exercise in a so call ed busy ness school arseholersize. Business scholl  has nothing to do with the sinck stink of education or Phukk D’Witzinsation. The MBAinsertion of nothing into your part of the parkland wherever the glorious wankstators rotate the muted, deafed, deferring Herd Attention Space that is unlifed smoothed eye shine. Taking it up the sahittersphere.

Would U release ysourself when a suit in a suit cannot relate? Or wood you die?

The trance dance is to enjoy.

I ask you again. Would you?

Would you?

For what would you?

Are you wold?

Then do not understand world for wold.

Wood you?

Wood you?

Stand in the affront to those you love and take the blow?

If so; I love you.

I love you before you are me and after I am you. Before we died so long ago. The resulting insult is dread and no bread.

Would U?

What is it that you are unaware of as you gently sleep before your day of turmoil?  My sword arm is tried, my shield arm almost rebeaten. We need to stand.

I died and lie with final breath for you.

You do not understand the heather.

I am, with my imperfections.


Give me the winter.

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