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Terminus. An end run on the Bomb Line. Terminus.

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The Bomb Line. 1 of ?

The Bomb Line. 2 of ? 

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He got his brains smashed out with a crow bar by a real labour camp slave. The Bomb Line Pt 9

The Bomb Line Part 12 of 13. 

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 1

Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 2. Reposted Dates to remember before and after 9/11. 

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Corps Crop Rotation or a prelude to Part 13 of the Bomb Line; Part 5

I’ve been on and off hodilay since late August. I took a load of listening and reading material with me. Didn’t get to read a lot since it pissed all over us nonstop in Cornwall and the sun was so strong in Barca I almost went blind. However I did get to listen to a great deal of malarkey on the catholic subjects your correspondent sticks his sticky beak into.

As an aside here I’d just like to remark that petrol is cheaper in Barca and the SanMig is cheap and proper. One day the whole world will be as England is, sterile and taxed to death. Airstrip One is the proto-NWO.

Anyway once we got back to Blighty I just sort of ruminated and belched a lot. Oh and set the secret squirrel’s compound alight with a never ending set of Qs. As he remarked last week, whilst giving a big hint that it might be sukiyaki time for a change, he’d never seen so much charcoal used to so little effect. Then he hid the accelerant, so sukiyaki time it was this past weekend.

Then my dreamland stopped.

Several things caused this, small things, the cumulative effect being what follows.

The last little bit of the quantum straw that broke the virtual camel’s back was Kev. I realised that the important thing that needs to be said I had left unsaid.

What follows is not a criticism of KB in anyway; he simply shook me out of my reverie.

At this shop you will find several bloggers with RISC in front of their names on the side bar. This is because your correspondent finds it interesting that they do nothing other than operate on a reduced instruction set.

Let me explain.

Since we all know that the legend, scripted in Wallyweird Strasse, of what happened in the years 1931-1945 is all bollox, indeed that the Cold War was also a staged play, then when the singular focus of so called counter argumentalists over what really happened in the slave camps is not “WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE?” but on the number of gas chambers, rail heads, forced marches or the wonders of NaziJizzim; this leads one to conclude that they, wittingly or unwittingly, are batting for team Satan just like the monoheathenoids that insist they all shat diamonds as part of a well balanced diet, got shot at by Ralph Fiennes or cannot show us a tattoo on their arse. Remember these heathen loyal troopers are directly tapped into the funny money machine and can never run out of lucre to promote their fiction. They were the commie kapos in the camps, never short of cash or violence. The banksters bestest assets.

No one ever asks why did the Nazi’s best forger assets come from the Khazars in the camps? What did these ersatz pillars of society do in “peace time” then before they got to eat porridge? Criminals of course. All the attention goes on the number of shower heads in a gas chamber, idiot factory processes of the mass murder of millions and the deluded imaginings of fiction practitioners. No one ever spends time noting that these fevered outpourings on paper really reflect the actual practices used by the PsychoKhaziKillers of the OGPU when dispatching the intelligencia of Poland and the land owners of the Ukraine. The terminal KhaziKillers are lethal to all non-Khazidroids at all times and all places. Where ever the USSR trod there were dead persons everywhere all executed by Khazari monoheathenoids. Simple guilt transference. An old trick.

So bearing in mind the secrecy surrounding the documentation that would actually let one make a real appraisal of what happened in the Reich, the weird imposition of tell tale crime scene ephemera, the forced silence of the current residents and the mass killing of actual witnesses, can we really make a judgement of what transpired in there? We are supposed to be kept in the dark or frightened off snooping around the crime scene, can one make an inference that makes more sense of the iCSI, the Iron Curtain, the 3rd Reich and the bomb line? All the dead people we are not allowed to know about because a bunch of KhaziKillers are hogging the lime light on cue?

Well you know me. I believe I can. Not just that but I can tell what is going to happen here in Europe because it is a repeat of 2000 years ago.

Zoh first things first, what can we actually see that no amount of fannying around the fiction factory and rewriting history faculties can erase?

After the gunfire and sniper finished the western ally controlled part of Europe, Hessian lands esp., were knee deep in well fed Khazars awaiting their ticket out of Europe for the soon to be Rothschild Corporate Enmity/Tel Aviv pirate base. Where did they all come from? I thought they’d all gone up in smoke! Their young women heavy with child. Germans booted out of their remaining homes so that these clowns could rest peacefully. All stirred into action by orders from on high in banksterdom. Their path cleared by the infinite ability to print as much money as you need. Remember UKplc would remain rationed for years to come.

So here is the question that can be answered by current human resource management theory. What were their skill sets that Roth wanted? Those of you who’ve been processed by the apes that infest HR these days (SS, GEFEPO, GESTAPO, NKVD, OGPU in previous eras) recently will know that your previous behaviour is a clear indicator of your future behaviour patterns.

Well there are clear indicators in two irrefutable areas as to what was required of them in their new fire base at Tortuga sur Mer.

Einsatzgrüppen/terrorist skills and that X-Factor which I will tease you with until later.

Bearing in mind that some of these mysteriously alive KhaziKillerklowns were so called partisans that were COMINTERN stay behind units previously used to exterminate the local populations who wouldn’t bow to KommieKhazi terror prior to Barbarossa we can see in the atrocities carried out on the Palestinians a clear continuation in behaviour patterns. So we have hanging around in the western allies controlled areas Einsatzgrüppen specialists, wanting for nothing, waiting for their boarding pass and passage to the Promised Land. At the same time we were handing over vast numbers of nonKhazi men, women and children refugees fleeing Soviet terror to the Soviets for transportation and extermination. Funny old world.

What do you think the USS Liberty heard in 1967 as she sniffed the ether? Yes. Einsatzgrüppen at work on defenceless Palestinians. A continuation of their behaviour aberration transferred from TransDniestre to TransJordan.

Now then we come to the real secret which I will speculate about here. To do that we need to look a little further down the line from 1947 to 1957 in the pirate base.

When one looks at the map here, one thing that I hadn’t really contemplated upon is the immediate clearance of the Negev into Tortuga sur Mer’s killer hands by Roth/Rock’s UN. I look at the numbers involved, and remember when dealing with these clowns and numbers it is always magical, however lets take them as a given. This quote provides a further idea about the skill sets imported into the area. Once Einsatzgrüppen, always Einsatzgrüppen.

“At the beginning of the strife in late 1947, it is likely that the Jewish political leadership in Palestine would have rejected any formal plan to expel the Palestinians. (Although that would change by the following June, as discussed below, when the new Israeli government prohibited the return of all Palestinian refugees.) There was, however, a shared belief by many of the Jewish (later Israeli) military leaders during the war that the entire Palestinian population was the enemy. Acting on that belief, the Jewish militias (the official Haganah and the unofficial Stern Gang and Irgun) engaged in a consistent course of conduct that was intended to--and did--cause the Arab population to flee. (The Israeli myth that the Palestinians left on instructions from Arab leaders has long since been shown to be a fabrication.)[3]”

Now we come to the second set of skills, the type of human assets that would once again behave in the future as they had done in the past, that were brought into the Rothschild pirate base from the ruins of the Reich.

This place is, like the Holohoax, surrounded by layers of secrecy and disinfo. One of the chief dysinfofunctioaries is this asset. You will get my reasoning for this when I get to the last part of this article where we look into the future and meet the deep past.

Once Negev was secured by the Einsatzkommando, RCE/TA started a programme to enrich fissile material to create nuclear weapons barely 10 years after the pirate base was established. Quite a feat. Especially as we are gently nudged to believe it started from scratch.

To contrast what we are supposed to believe here take a relatively untouched, high tech, centralised state such as France. A nation of tens of millions with a history of centuries of scientific endeavour took until 1956 to get a nuclear reactor critical and until 1960 to light off a big one. RCE/TA? “Before the partition, Jews comprised only one-third of the population of Palestine, which held some 608,000 Jews and 1,237,000 Arabs. Even within the area designated for Israel under the U.N. partition plan, the population consisted of some 500,000 Jews and 330,000 Arabs. How could a country with such a large Arab minority become a Jewish homeland?[1]” RCE/TA is not the quiet cloisters of Oxford or MIT where enquiry can progress with academic rigour and research. It is a fire base full of gunfire and sniper.

So where did the human assets do their research and get trained in a stable environment such that they could then replicate the method in the Negev?

To answer that we need to look at some of the signatures of a nuclear programme, particularly power. Recognise this? Recognise this? Interesting time frame, no? All up and running in time to separate isomers.

Recognise this? “For example, less than thirty per cent of the workers at the Farben plant were in the "prisoner" category; more that half were free foreign workers who had enlisted voluntarily for labor and the remaining approximate twenty per cent were ordinary German employees.” Didn’t think you would. Same time frame. Same vast power requirements. Also note that free foreign workers would likely be doing R&D related work in a humungous R&D facility. Slaves/prisoners would be expendable, free workers doing R&D would be assets and hence the swimming pool, dance floor, orchestras etc. Of course we are not supposed to look at this scene, it is a holy place. Well I’ll bet we are not supposed to rumble to the fact that was a two tier cast of Khazi characters in there. One tier getting the attention of the Lead Pill Pharmacy, the other working on the lab benches and management quite aware of what was going down. That is what we are not supposed to think about. Then they get whisked out to RCE/TA and the cover story fiction starts and a hermetic Iron Curtain descends to quarantine the crime scene in the Reichprotektorate for two generations.

At the other shop I will elaborate a bit more on some of the details implied above including Patton’s famous army, more on Operational Manoeuvre Groups and finally Bikini Atoll.

First though we have to deal with MV and the looking forward to Europe’s demise. This is the reason for my current thoughts appearing in the shop here rather than the other shop where big bangs and bombers really hang out.

2000 years ago the demographics of the Roman state had changed and with it the nature of that state from Republic to heathen degeneracy. The Roman citizen found himself out fighting wars and being out bred by freed slaves from the Middle East at home. Eventually all the positions of power within the state were held by Babylon money worshippers. The Roman natives were displaced. With the disappearance of Germany we have the same dynamic in play today. Europe flooded by middle eastern Babylonian money worshippers who will make sure that all positions of power in such places as local parliaments and EU institutions (OPEC is a great example of levying tribute in disguise) are occupied by their progeny whilst the aboriginals are indebted or maimed on the battle fields.

A sure sign of this is that the Ba’al Hammon Bishop of Rome is an ex Nazi. And here is my problem with MV. If he’d gone Russian Orthodox or Assyrian Catholic I would not entertain the same doubts that I have. He went from one branch of the Babylon money worshippers’ monoheathenism to another branch. For make no mistake anything that springs from Rome or is protestant to Rome is at its root Babylon. That is why they always harp on about debt. Anything that springs from Mecca, Rome, atheism or Babylon is a debt based, slaver operation run by people who hate humanity. Remember when the Bishop of Rome took power after the fall of Rome the local power families were all of Phoenician descent and then they started to kill anyone in sight as soon as they were secure.

Just look at their body count.

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