Thursday 26 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 3 of ?

We are going to ponder a little more on the creation of monertaryreligiohermetic groups through Lamarckian selection for a little while longer, let us see if the idea can shed light on the global affliction unleashed upon the world by the gitts known to us as The Watchers. For I’ll wager that these black feathered clowns are responsible for this anti human idea embodied in such things as monoheathenistic religiofakiry, fiat money, pursuit of gold, slavery, RCE/LC and of course the religiocriminal mercenaries that always heed the call of the money power such as such arses as the Jacobins, Frankfurt School, Marxists, Chicago School, Maoists, Tavistock Institute, SRI, Vienna School, iGREEN, COMINTERN, AGENDA21 and Zionists.

So does the idea have any traction and if so can we get some answers from the actual hyperdimensional properties of DNA mooted here… well I’ll leave that for the moment. All I’ll note is that most experimenters are delving into fish, grains, fruit flys etc. and keeping the Darwinian related propaganda about us being no better than beasts to the forefront. The secret work which they don’t want us to get wind of relates to the very special nature of mankind. Junk DNA my erse!

OK then two to rock your noodle.

A really big one, so just read this part in the first page

I love synchronouserendipty. Who are the Masters of Economics in deed?

Finally one I parked earlier before the multiple take downs here late 2011/early 2012.

Now you lot know that when anything Russian heaves into view I get all tingley. The only group of persons who could match the Germans in philosophy, temporal and spiritual. Everyone else since the 17th century has been retarded by a Reduced Instruction Set of permitted thought patterns and beliefs bounded by NOAHide.

Now I don’t pretend to have read ALL of the above yet, however the thing that attracts my attention is that a great many are realizing that what we are allowed to know is what allows so many “unknowns” to exist. Many are now tackling the big questions by discarding the conventional spoon fed gruel that sustains a degenerate academia and scientific main stream mediocre.

Plenty of reading above. So I will wrap this short outing up with a pointer as to where we are going.

Have you ever considered how difficult it would have been to have a sustainable Lamarckian selection process for the chosen of the human herd without the use of cities within which to hide the self selecting Lamarckian community and its religiocriminal society destroying activities? To understand the true purpose of the establishment of cities is to understand the purpose of the conventional academic dogma concerning the origins of farming and the discarding of wandering tribes. The sudden emergence of walled cities has nothing to do with defence, it is a Lamarckian breeding boundary. Once you get that you can understand the other big mysteries like the Cold War, Voyages of Discovery and occulted human reality better.

Anyway more bollox later.

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