Monday, 1 March 2010

Banking on Tesla

OR yet more movies and books.

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions me and my mate Tim the tube driver would chew the rag on many occasions about the weirdness that is banking whilst schlepping round Trent Park with our pups. Indeed I think I’ve detailed my speculation, way back then pre 9/11, on how the banking world seemed to be using occulted physics as its business model; in a previous ranting.

I’ll explain again and then really let it rip.

If you wander through any of the realised weirdness that could provide some hint about what’s been hidden since metering, or rationing as it is called in UK plc, became the paradigm you end up here. USS Eldridge was a great big Gaussian experiment run wild. The Beehive was a far more clever exercise is Einstein et al’s unified field theorising. Tesla was peering into the lost world of Maxwell’s mirror. All were hazardous to biological systems but they accidentally revealed an opportunity to engineer time. Remember when Tesla got belted on the scone by a multi million volt jolt he is reported to have said that he could see all time, past, present and future.

Ignoring all the legend surrounding these projects the one common factor is the AC system pulsed by DC.

So let’s get analogous. AC/variable interest rates pulsed by DC/injection of debt.

Now don’t forget that all the voodoo from Tesla onwards is placed in the tin foil hat corner, or coroner.

Totally barking. Yet have a good look at fractional reserve banking, if you wandered through earlier musings, all the way back to the laws of Hammurabi and before; that’s how their philosophy works.

Human society, ether, is manipulated via usury, AC systems, and injections of debt, DC pulses, with the capture of wealth, release of energy and over unity.

You get more out than you put in. Bankers put in nothing and get it all. Stimulate the aether with x and get x+y. Alchemy.

Such over unity systems for the masses are total bollox and yet for millennia that’s been the money lender’s secret. Not the only secret mind you.

The classical and conventional narrative says that you save hard, work hard and pass on wealth to your children. NO. That’s classical thermodynamics. Have you noticed that there is nothing to pass on unless you are a high priest of finance and accessed to charitable foundations?

One of the “accidents” of the Tesla, Bell & Eldridge spanking around is the tapping into time quanta. That’s where this line of medication started.

Goldman Sachs and Stealing Time.

[BTW as a direct aside please notice that the money scammers do not care which brand of god bothering it uses to cabal the Herd Attention Space, human quanta flux, it will promote any and all HAS control that suits its purpose. Sharia UK plc you bet, that though is another story from the trinity.]

Since we know the combination of Goldman Sachs and High Frequency Trading allowed them to scam all other market players just what was the secret? How they got the tech. is another story for another speculative day.

Essentially there is a Black Box into which buy and sell signals entered, a BB in the control of GS. GS sneaked a peek, made their play, and then the buy/sells went in their merry way with a pico seconds difference between them and the GS inside deal.

I won’t get all expectorant here I’ll just note two examples of what I imagine we could be dealing with. One example from the sane end of the unsane spectrum and one, which I’ll go with, from the unsane insane unsane end of the barking scale. Mind you knowing how weird real life can be and that 9 out of 10 million-to-one shots come off; I reckon my money is safe, if you excuse the fiat based pun.

1) The BB fucked with time by the order of a nano second and time stamped the buy/sells as though nothing had happened. Rendering the process undetectable.
2) Remember that, at least as far as we know and this is contrary to what we’ve been pre-programmed to expect i.e. Terminator, biological systems are anathema to the process. So sending someone back or forward is not going to work. However what if an object was sent forward and retrieved. We’ll stick to the going forward bit for this drivelling. A something to retrieve a what?

Other things? Numbers and data? Images?

What about GS’s BB reaches forward just far enough to get a good peek to massively influence GS’s plays amplifying what they already know about the other market makers’ plays?

It is all in the name High Frequency Trading. Where is the HF AC/ HF DC system held and operational?

If you’ve read any of my other bayings you’ll know I, and lots of others, reckon the USofA corp. has handed tech over to the ChiComms. So has the BB gone over as well since the USofA corp. has been trashed. Are the ancient handlers moving the centre of operations again?

I might as well go Full Monty.

That’s what the USCG cutter was doing alongside the slave quay in Shanghai last Oct/Nov when the US Comm. Sec. was in town yakking with his kinsmen. This also means that the favoured play ground of TPTB is ChiCommland as signalled by the take down of WTC 1&2.

The language is at least 5000 years old but it can be read clearly. The decryption is childsplay.

Heads up.


  1. thanking you incoming.....for your usual display of canny intertaking...thanx to you i now hold that very key to pursue the ancient powers of interpretation to all the needy souls out here down under clustered around the ever lit barbie...thirsting for the inner knowledge as always.....another back leg of thar on the barbie...

  2. Here's a site
    which claims that the markets are rigged by comuter trading on behalf of institutions, 'front running' the trades of individuals. It's easier to believe the system and it's regulators are corrupt (a la Madoff - and Occam)than that they are using time travel. Perhaps it's both?

  3. O'sR I got my head round the cover story and then hit the delete belief button. It alway the cover story makes sense when you are within the belief field. Problem is I've thrown my leash ages ago and now seek the nonlinear optics approach to unmasking the real McCoy as they see it through their unbelief goggles.

    Mind you it does hurt the eyes.


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