Sunday, 14 March 2010

What if?

Who remembers a micro second ago that we wanted something other than the unedifying repast of recycled verminous ritual offered to us upon pain of death?

GV does.

I do.

I remember that micro second ago when Maggie was going to kick our management up their arses, put the commie agitators under the cosh and then UK plc would be great again. We’d kick every other load of state sponsored industrialist into the long grass.

Of course what we were told was going to happen and what we got were two different things. A 30 year continuum sapping the life and memory and knowledge from the country so that we are fit for satrapy. Generations and generations to come of stasis and unchanging energy drained and vitality stunned debt chain gang.

Industrial people are active, vibrant, challenging and resourceful. They seek answers independent of dogma and will confront any given as they seek to better themselves and their society.

Here industry is not wanted. Simplistic beliefs and lives with no foreseeable non-compliances is the desired outcome. A society with all answers derived from a simple book of instruction and dogma. Compliance is to be rewarded with life.

Now more and more realise the futility of this repetitive ceremony that passes for existence. An ersatz reality that has made us all pestilent in spirit. We’ll be getting the offer the Irish were made all those centuries ago.

Get on the NOAHide or you’ll be getting out of life.

So what form does the offer take this time? Just think of anything that has been introduced under the GWOT.

For UK plc it is goodbye Magna Carta and trial by jury. Introduction of secret courts under any pretext is the same process . Carbon taxes and the rationing of your breath, same con, because energy means freedom. If the sole source of energy is the capture of sunlight then that means there can be no movement for you and me, no freedom.

However our lords and masters will be free to travel on sequestered modes of transport that we won’t get to hear about from our cannibalistic MSM. Oh and if you say otherwise you’ll be killed, you very obviously do not believe appropriately.

So that’s the last micro second back to Maggie and the last millisecond back to Whitby. What about going a little further back?

Back to …ooooh Noah of course!

How far back is that? Well it might be as far back as a tenth of a second. It could be a fuck sight farther than that. So what do we know about the lad in the big boat? Well the best source from what is available to the vulgar, yes that’s their term for you and me and what we are allowed to read, is the Gilgamesh story. You certainly are not going to be getting the full Monty from any mono theist’s handbook on getting onside with NOAHide under the guise of hanging with the good guys.

I left a little fragment of a potential pantheon that Gilgamesh might have recognised in a previous post and as I remarked at the time the deity revered by the ignorant monotheists and worshipped by the blinded illuminists might be a bad guy like Enke.

What if?

So then, is their clever, clever secret world the correct version? All those secret society’s that we know about are just shop window dressing. What we’ll never see is what’s going on behind the shop window, behind the front of store, behind the counter, behind the storeroom at the back, behind the stairway down to the cellar door, behind that cellar door at certain sacred times when the celestial alignments are correct and the correct blood lines are represented and the sacrificial victim is procured.

I will say their memory of what has happened is better than ours. Most of us cannot get back further that a hundred or two hundred years. These slobs have an unbroken lineage of millennia and that gives them a justifiable temporal snobbery. No wonder they take the piss out of us at every turn, they actually know more.

If you kept meeting at a secret location and got foul smelling libations and stupid ceremonial outfits on, draped yourself in false skulls and incanted nonsense you would quickly lose interest in it, even if their was some top shagging and orgyisting to be had, of it didn’t actually deliver into your hands real tangible power over your fellows who were kept out of the schools and in the sheep pen. Wouldn’t you?

You couldn’t keep it up for generations over the millennia and across the planet as you were forced to move on by pursuit or the search for competing knowledge and rival practitioners to rub out of the timelines, unless you got the real deal. Could you?

And what if this ritual and ceremony is itself just a shadow of what used to be? What if Enke, and the other guys in the pantheon like Adam, Eve, what happens if they are an incomplete memory of what was? Once you start asking these questions then you collide head on with the guys smoking in the BIG ROOM because no matter what you turn up with, truth, fantasy or falsity, they don’t care because you are going to ruin their gig. A gig that has worked for them for millennia; the clearest manifestation of their powerful magic being fractional reserve banking or debt. And the secrets of mass control.

That creates a problem in our received perception. Our reception of their view of things might mean retuning mankind again.

A dissonance between their stated view of what was and has been; and our experience and returning memory.

There is only one final solution as always.

Erase our memories. Reset our clocks.

The NWO is a non esquintera, these guys are remembering back to the good old days and they know that all they have to do is hang on until the correct celestial alignments pitch up and then it will be party time again.

But they’ve forgotten something.

Approx 7 billions of us.

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