Monday, 22 March 2010

I Ching.

The Thing is I’m running out of manoeuver room…...

….the channels and routes down which I pursue those who are always millennia ahead lead to only one place. All is confluence. The harmonics of the universe despise the quanta of our masked lives.

As you know I’m on the sniff and looking back as far as I can to make sense of what the lads smoking in the BIG ROOM know about the great big mysteries of life.

I put up a bit of MT a couple of days back and realized that I hadn’t checked out the I Ching apart from this very interesting though highly memetic article from way back.

Fu Hsi seems to have been the lad attributed to getting the I Ching off and rolling, though King Wen does get later crediting.

It seems that our Oriental egg heads were into the philosophizing malarkey at least 4000BC, which is only slightly further back than I was able to push things with King Hammurabi and the laws against forgery in the temples of Mesopotamia, say 3500BC.

The MT article, the Fu Hsi philosophizing and the creation of money from nothing, thievery and forgery as high black magic, all point us backwards in time to a central human belief that we came out of nowhere. Look at the old Pharaonic beliefs with the Benben and the primordial mound, surrounded and then being subsumed again.

If like me you like Rohl’s early stuff and his rejigging of the king lists then you need to ask who’s messing with our recorded time. It is heresy to start banging on about civilizations in The Americas before the prescribed academic orthodoxy. No way are you going to get tenured. This is a repeating pattern, what are they hiding?

I remember when Graham Hancock started banging on about lost human knowledge I thought “He’s been around and seen a lot, does he see something that is being quietly ignored?”

Is he in the long airport arrivals lounge when all the wall phones ring sequentially and he actually hears the call? He does however almost willfully get it wrong. What’s the deal Graham are you like DIcke a cipher; are you Gundan?

Since then I’ve peered through the non linears and spread my watch over time and space.

This evening whilst supping a Magners with my chum we were talking about what was out here on the Ausfahrt decades ago, he’s an old ARPANET user and I’m ex-corporate user, we disagreed on the origin of current content but we agreed on the fact that there are very few “real” resources out here unlike the old days.

We both remembered NASA being most welcoming and letting you wander through their vast hallowed halls without escort.

Now you cannot get in anywhere unless you are a triple national and each of your turds is chipped.

So where is this going?

Well I reckon that with 7 billion of us occupying the universal mind there is most likely a putsch coming for the better.

If like me you look back at the millennia since the numbers started to get culled through direct state action globally then you will know just what makes TPTB soil their souls. We will take over before their alignments reassert their control. They do not control through direct force by instinct, that is base, but through higher influences of the universal mind within our solar system.

Remember the big glowing thing in the sky doesn’t just make your tomatoes grow and give you skin cancer it is non-linear in its effects on the stalled human cargo.



  1. hey there incoming. i don't know if you read nobody but he did a post on the pyramids and the comments became loaded up with links and theories and whatnot, some of which got into jiggling the knobs and dials of time.

    especially this video lecture, here is a piece of it:

  2. Hi AP yes I wander through N's place from time to time. NH will have to wait for further listening time though.

  3. Have you seen this?

    Space and time are collapsing - we'll all be able to meet each other on the way back :-)

  4. GV that's fantastic I've always wanted to relive that special night in 1988.

  5. I had a particularly good one in 1977. When is it about to happen, so I'm ready for it.

  6. DL when they light up the LHC properly that should about do it. I've got a thermos, a hip flask and two chip pieces with tomato ketchup always to hand just in case!!


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