Friday, 26 February 2010


What is time? It has a strange quality. It is. It is measurable. It is ubiquitous.

However I have never believed in its existence, preferring to see contained within the concept a differential of energy stasis.

Time may actually be hormonal, its character changing with the ebb and flow of vast astronomical alignments and distances. There are certainly enough anomalous indicators in the works of Tesla, Dirac, Allais and even in Bearden’s reporting that makes one sit up and pay attention.

Now if you remember a while back I stated that I looked forward to a point where there it may come to be that the metal will stop flowing and the rock can be shaped like putty again. I was looking forward/backward to a place where we may experience a complete change of the fundamentals of what we would term our Natural Philosophy.

Why? Well apart from it being novel in the extreme, I reckon it explains a great deal about our past.

Cyclopean architecture? No not Gordon’s garden, this. I do not in any way intend to demean the achievements of our ancestors. No, I just reckon they might have worked in a different environment and built things with no difficulty. Things that we in our shuttered minds might consider impossible and cultic.

However this time I’m going to revisit a pet topic of mine that I’ve banged on about on several occasions. A time that oscillates around the present.

Goldman Sachs and stealing time.

I dropped this on you a little while back. The story has it that a Russian national, but of what ethnicity, stole some proprietary GS tech that allowed them to intercept their clients’, and others, buy/sell signals to give them pico seconds of advantage in the rigged markets. The whole theft being parked in a German server farm I think. The secrets of Goldman Sachs High Frequency Trading half inched.

That’s the story.

However I noticed that the US commerce secretary tooled on over to ChiComm land as I detailed here in on November 5th 2009 AND a US Coast Guard cutter berthed at Shanghai, just afterwards.

What does all this have to do with TIME?

You need as always to decode what you are presented with. The rules of the game, their rules, mean that we have to be given a chance to see what’s coming and demure. If we don’t then it is taken as our acceptance of whatever is in store for us. The clues will not be handed out on a silver platter but they WILL be there hidden in plain sight.

High Frequency Trading.

I'm off into the past now, I'll be back tomorrow.

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