Monday, 15 March 2010

The blogging here since The problem is……..on Saturday is one long continuous process that can be considered the unfurling of a distinctive plain banner. A flag around which those who can wear the white hats can orientate and marshal. Then identify, locate and destroy the enemy.


The curse. The Nam Shub. All we experience is dedicated to robbing us and yours of our life.

Filling our minds with false memories in order to push out the reality of being. Destroying the good words and thoughts and replacing with still and brackish thistlings and weedrings. So much better the huge and complex whorldling to displace truth.

If you can conceive of a structured document that can destroy the understanding of the human race then the output of our MSM is that curse made modern.

Destroying understanding the more that it is used and observed. Separating associated peoples and destroying relationships between the sanguine. Unbinding families and making the destitute commonplace. Nowhere to live, love, seek, search, hope, live, nurture, enjoy or give, teach, unbind, free. No where, because it has been banished.

If you got your head around the “mind snapper” stuff in an earlier post then you’ll have recognised two things. Firstly an artificial mind can be constructed as a net in our 4D world and overlaid within 3D. It does not need to be said that the weaponisation of this technology is but a precursor to greater evil. Secondly you have to ask about the concept of mind.

When, assuming they haven’t done it already in Singapore, they finally get the fertilised egg and prematurely born tech. together and join the gap between killing and creating, a soulless monster will be the result. A true transhumanist’s wet dream.

What is the K rush when the human egg is fertilised? Why is human DNA capable of sub luminal transmission? Where are you? The body is a vessel and the structure of the body does not just support our breathing and movement it is a channel, an unbroken chain to the past and the future, we are more than the 18th,19th and 20th century monsters would have us.

We are not consumers of papp and schweinstruddel.

We are sovereign.

We can see from past experiment and future shopping trends that our physical grey matter can be manipulated to get us into line. Whether you go for the soft option of cracking peoples skulls open and measuring the mental grid or go for the hard option of psychotronics the human being can be mind controlled. However that is the blind, the Derren Brown smoke screen behind which the real shining crystal influences whole generations and populations through older techniques.

If as I’ve mentioned tangentially on previous occasions there is a releif in the ancient beliefs that crystals were powerful tools in the hands of the initiated, have a squeak at the emerald tablets of Thoth to get a grip on that thought line, then what’s is it with all the name taking and position marking of the current squad of feckless chinless wonders that have been given the shambling corpse of human destiny to fuck up?

What are they marking? Who instucted them to? Names and places. Why?

I related in a past ranting that me and my mate Tim the tube driver couldn’t work out what the smoking ban was about. We knew that they didn’t give a fuck about our health so the cover story was blown away. I ferreted out Nazi research which documents the apparent heightened resistance smokers have to propaganda, but that still didn’t get to the root of the zealous fakirey of the persecution of smoking.

Then the moment when bringing diverse and apparently unrelated facts and musings together gave their game away.

Smoke particles fuck with their mind net. They cannot get the 4D net to settle on the host subjects to control mood, emotions and response to their satisfaction with smokers around. The mind grid needs clear air, not your lungs.

Their lattice is not going to sooth our critical faculties into oblivion without clean airspace.

For your muse until the next part of the banner unfurls.

Pyramids and Ankhs

These are instruments of their agency.

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