Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Secrets of the Trade.

Even though the world we live in is a highly complex experience I believe that basically we are following very simple agendas derived from a very, very few individuals’ experiences.

When I left off the two threads flowing into this outing I was coming from two different viewpoints.

Going back 6000 years just wasn’t getting to the crux of the matter.

One of the simple agendas, which is an age old sacrament needed termination, if mankind was to even attempt to cast off the parasitic power of fiat finance.

If my going back 6000 years leads to a, hopefully temporary, brick wall then how about going back to something we know exists and working our way forward if possible?

From what I’ve been able to fathom there are two important genetic bottle necks through which mankind has been squeezed. One in the paternal lineage over 100,000 years ago and another more recently around 60-70,000 years ago which was the most recent of the maternal lineage. The number of human individuals who survived that last maternal squeeze could be as low as 10,000 people.

Man that must have been a lonely planet!!!

I wonder though what the source of the researchers’ data was. Whose maternal mitochondrial DNA mutation rate did they study? Was it a full cross section of humanity’s 6+billions currently? Or was it three or four years of undergraduate intake at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford etc. In which case I ask is that 10,000 THEM? You know I had to ask that question, it has to be put out there, those are the rules.

So to recap, whatever happened, a massive number of human beings did not make it through and I have chucked a random thought out here that the GeeGee memorial stones commemorate the fact that there were in fact 500millions of THEM back then. Large stone monuments always hark back for these guys, never forward. Thinking this way allows one to put some very weird but very ancient belief structures into perspective. The Trinity, Tarot & Astrology. All currently bollox but perhaps not for THEM then.

This subject takes us into human memory, tribal memory and racial memory. Just how far back humanity can remember. If we map Vedic beliefs and the 60,000 years ago cull does that help? Can that help bridge the yawning gap between 60,000 years and 6,000 years ago?

Let’s fast forward to around that 6,000 y.a. mark. Human global population may have been no more than several millions, perhaps 10 million tops. So for the cradle of civilisation and the Mediterranean basin that’s no more than 3 million. A vast proportion of that 3 million would provide staples for the settled elite that we’ve met before. Elite initially centred on kingship/godhead before the temples and the hidden power there usurped royal authority completely and got on with the old game of forging the temple accounts and receipts of precious items held therein.

I remarked that it was going to be difficult to name or ID these occult entities. However there may be one activity in which these characters indulged in, for ceremonial reasons, that may reveal a little of their motivations and perhaps names.

Like the temple scam it was a sacrament.

What was it?


Very specifically long range sea/oceanic trade.

Until very recently trade of this type took a very simple ancient form. The hi-tech guys, in oceanic craft, turned up on the autochthonic shores. Spread their wares on the beach and then sailed off when enough of the good gear had been deposited by the natives.

Usually, though not always, gold.

If you’ve ever read about the amount of hullaballoo that greeted the start of one of these voyages in the ancient world you’ll realise that this was big magic. Blessings, priests, temples, the full works were involved. A voyage may have lasted up to 3 years, and there was a fair old chance you were not coming back. On average the journey would have been short 20-30 mile hops. However we know that the Pharaohs had Africa circumnavigated, the Persians attempted the same and the Phoenicians were well down West Africa and out into the Atlantic before 1000BC.

Even today launching a craft has a ceremonial aspect that is just a mere echo of what would have been a major ceremonial and ritual occasion for the ancients.

Who would have had the cash to finance this sort of expedition all those thousands of years ago, yes the lads in the temple with the forged receipts and the real lucre. So our missing THEM would have been directly involved in navigation.

I speculate that under the guise of trade they were seeking out the far flung remnants of humanity that they knew were out there somewhere. A mission that might just have been completed very recently.

Two things I note here.

If we are looking for these clowns or their reps now, right now, I will wager they are to be found in the major trade negotiations like Doha and anything BIG and GREEN.

Why? Well it is a sacred duty that only they can perform, they’ve been protecting the rules for millennia.

Secondly when Gentleman John Harris was talking a couple of years back he mentioned that as part of the price of King Richard getting handed back to England, Admiralty had to be part of the deal. I wondered why at the time. Now it is obvious.

Admiralty is their prime mechanism of enforcement; they’ve been at it since the first ships sailed out the Levant/Med and headed down the West African shoreline most likely 10,000 years ago. And I’ll bet you MTs lads were at it before then.

We have to torpedo trade completely and replace it with a different way of promoting human development and progress. It is an ancient way of doing business and we should consider it obsolete.

The quest continues.

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