Wednesday 8 January 2020

All the RamjetSPADs

SNAFU!: HAIC Z-10ME Attack Helicopter with upturned exhaus...: Again the HAIC Z-10ME during a test flight, but it is interesting, that it finally has the upwards facing exhausts fitted, whic...

If you, like me, still remember the art work that accompanied all the Berneysianschpeil corps. presentations commissioned in the 1950-90 period then you are still waiting for all the fast moving high tech shit that was going to be storming the heavens. All the hypersonic titanium we paid for!

I hope you will not mind me repeating the schmemeer often parked on these pixels that the current USN fighter/attack dev prog is analogous to taking a SPAD and trying to get it functioning over the Mekong when Laurence Fishburne was young.

Remember AH-56? Remember LHX? Remember Sprint?

All the unlikely things that were going to be used to finish the unfinished work but somehow the real persons living in the USofAcorp didn’t want to use and burn the sky.

So if the crop of stooges won’t do it then you build a new group of golem.

All these things are turning up finally, for use by the child killing slaver state.

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