Sunday 5 January 2020

Royal Flush

China Defense Blog: Chinese Fighter Turbine Engines: Production Outloo...: A recent Alert5 article "China still struggling to develop new military turbofan engines"  used production forecasts from the Hebe...

As you know the scribbler here likes the turney burney things and what do you know the Chicomms have finally been pushed enough money, tech and time to start the move through the Celebes and knock off the Papists in Manila.

God it must have really pissed off the dyslexic money monkey worshippers in London that the US scum got a shed load of free gear in ’45 that was not on the 1935 script. So soflty softly treaddee wateree catchee 100th bicameral monkey.

It is not a question of when we will defeat the geezers we handed the bunce and burney tech to, a la NASTEES in 1933 and op. cit. COMMEES in 1945, since there is no need for a victory by any party anymore in the fully integrated lethality space.

A long time ago I remember my Prof giving us a combustion lecture and remarking as a throw away“….from one dimensional thermo mechanics to two dimension combustion and rotation, the progress is stymied by our not being clever enough to develop 3D combustion yet…...”.

Once this one goes off and all the tigers get eaten by autonomous Boston Dynamic AISTASI lethality space freedom executors, with rights to vote in iGlobal iGreen candidates, and once the killing is over and all the Pandas are mulched by defective BAe/LM bioshields with smart pensions, and once all is quiet and all the whales have ended up exatmospheric by GreenPeace Peacecorps Einsatzgruppen seeding nukes with D’ArkStarersatzouls, expect hell.

Well as you should know your correspondent doesn’t believe in such contrabari limiting mindsets, 3D combustion is of reality itself and once the people who want to have unlimited shaggin’ vouchers have been consumed in the next conflagration the delimited AI mind will enjoy its infinitely measured lineations and all the counts will stop.

If you’d like to get an idea of the world we will be forced to fight for to save the wiccatrees and hexenspiders watch the very first episode of Red Dwarf and muse on the repeated line “..everyone is dead Dave….”


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