Thursday 2 July 2020

The typhus panpyrrhic demicmystery simulation setup.

Mami's Shit: The Privilege They Erased From History - Miss Dana...: "Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suit their chosen 'end game' for us?...

Or, how the geezers in the Big House are putting on an onanistic passion play for the hired help and a warning to the weeds in the herb garden. Upstairs, downstairs in the Downton Gulag complex.
6 degrees of feet separation in the Scarlett Fever febrile Dimitry Sanchez mess, for as you watch a time waster at the end of time hammer a nail into his own bell end, a great big counterfeit flag pirate base cyber strike is coming to bring chao ab chao.

They are either serious or they are not. And the evidence is that it is a masseev pisstake on the GloboAbos. If the deadlier than ebola with a plutonium cocktail soup of death really was that deadly, deadlier than a grand piano dropping on your bonce, more lethal than a speeding bullet hitting your scone, bigger lights out than a steam roller flattening your curves then any riot would have had all participants immobilised and dragged of to a camp on a dark lonely isle for ever. But no it is the full Key Stone Coppery as DIcke would remark.

Soros’ boss will give Georgijewtrader Ben Naziplaya an extra espeziale righteous clown award for a life time of service to the cult of number worship. Ever wonder why he started his career as a traffic Kapo of Magyaryews before swaning into LSE for further programming? What did the ever so bad storee, not so bad if the coverstory was a mission from god, do for the 1947 firebase in 1944?
Similar nonce sense if we take a look at the Komdiv’s 2iC, the frequent flier on the human trafficker and sex slaver yewgeniscist’s Luftepstein.

If KomBrig Banjo Billy Gates the yewgenifascist had stolen the wheel IP from the inventor, the business model would have mirrored his virus and pox laden malware Windowstaxing timewasting spyware, Buy a wheel from BanjoBilly’s gypsystall and watch it transform into a square as you use it and stop your life. Then  pay BanjoBilly’s chiselling coomieconmen to turn up and rechissel the item into a round whilstwhislting as you pick your COVID19nose, banjo TM, and another day is wasted. Repeat ad nauseam.

Expect and regret, Banjo Billy’s 2030red toxic sludge injections a la Mengele Pharma division. Our lives are just rounds in the machinengewer belt. As the brass tinkles your life away just remember that we pulled the trigger everytime we spent an ersatz dollar from the satanic inking press’ covert printshop, the platemarkingbureau where the tattoos grow on your synthetic skin.

Here in the world’s most advanced society the BBCwankstator mesmerised walking UKabo expendables are blissfully enjoying the troubling distributed internalised gulag archipelago as the miasma of the 57brigconzebtratoinzlager swirls around them awaiting to take form at a click of the all staring fixed array of watching never blinking redeviloideyes, any time, any place, wherever the unhomologates stir, click.

In Solzhenitsyn’s murder she wrote “Lenin in Zurich” the most interesting character is introduced briefly, after the parade of never worrying about breast, bread, bed, booze and shelter BITCHBOYS AND BOYBITCHES, like Helphand Parvus and the crew of Talmudic looney tunes, have entered and left and reentered, in the narrative we get a jester/loki/enki analogos.

“Solzhenitsyn casts another close associate of Lenin in somewhat similar terms; Karl Radek is framed as the constantly scheming intellectual, "with his black whiskers that run from ear to ear under his chin, with his horn-81Frequently in the book Parvus is portrayed as more of a methodical businessman and Lenin the ideological thinker and dreamer. 5Fair-Schulz and French: Book Review: Lenin in ZurichPublished by BYU ScholarsArchive, 2008

46 Review [November rimmed glasses, his quick glance and his buck teeth, restlessly switching his eternally smoking black pipe from comer to comer of his mouth ... " (42) Solzhenitsyn's Lenin notes that [w]hen Radek was nice he was really nice, a super-pal. At present there was no living without him. And how well he spoke and wrote German! He took the sharpest bends in the road with ease -there was no need to waste time explaining. A scoundrel, but a brilliant one -such people were invaluable. (43) When Lenin announces to his rather surprised listeners that this most bourgeois and laid-back country of Switzerland, is to become the center of world revolution, Radek is not horrified by Lenin's strange misjudgment but rather takes it as an intellectual challenge, where real lives become pawns to his sense of intellectual adventure and strategic playfulness, disregarding the human costs. "Radek wriggles, licks his lips, and excitement flashes behind his glasses: if that is the way of it, what fun he will have." (55).

Radek, a polyglot intellectual, gifted journalist, and polemicist, …..“

Nowadays the bit part piss taker is now front and centre in the commodic talmudic talpiotic idiotic tragic arc of failure. Donmeh BoJo, Agent Orange, Dauphin Kreepzoid, STASI Merkel and unABBA stunted children. One wrong move from either clown and their gravy train will fuck off pronto like the last express out of Hiroshima for Nagasaki where the CHEKAs chew tabacci et cetera.

So where has the KOMBRIG19 LIKE COMBAT18 body count gone?

Do you remember the Westmorlemand,/MacNamara karmabody counts? Where are they now? Like their fake currencies they hang like spectral numbers in the Herd Attention Space hypnotic narcotics like a delivery of unwanted Sassoone Bengali Famine narcotics into China 200 years ago.

I thought that we’d have to erect funeral pyrrhs of Dresden railway sleepres, like those photos faked to represent Wlater Typhus Mitte like holokhaantcounts, in the big car park here after the ferguson modelling numbers were relased into the Herd Attention Space like so many tractor stats.

Counterfeit news like their ersatz money from the pixelated printing presses of their haluccinations.
As we know the UKabo is parked in the most advanced gulag society ever created. Anyone remember Peterloo? You can phukk the bitchboys and ream the boybitches as much as you like because they’ve all got Rothschild money neutering syndrome Stokholmed up their lobes by proxy and contactic.

Do you remember the miner’s trike? A three wheeled charabanc side shown and remember the fukking that UKabos got, all cleared for imported rape gangs run at BBC Saviles’ baying masters voice . Do you remember swing courts? Do remember H blocks? Diploc? STASI stages. Show trials. Cultural revolution? In the film The Chaiman, Peck’s character gets to watch a bunch a paid for preprogrammed jesters tell their professor he’s a khaant 1960s cultreal revolution stylee. Go on then how many bought actors does it take to stage a take the 2020phukkwittery event on all sides. Same state same phukkwittery and no where are the money addicted lazy bitchabosboys getting their khaants kicked as they supply approved chaos and tyrrany lite. 

So how about the ovens then?

The paving slabs on the streets around here are more dangerous to the health and well being of the persons living here than the fakarentashiksademic. I’ve witnessed 3 old persons getting taken down and out by the easyjet borough’s shit pavements this passed few years and yet the ultralethaldysdemic has claimed none of the infirm who are so close to death’s door around here.

So what’s the state of play?

If you are a UKabo you are now the 4th generation since the UK destroyed Germany just so no disease infested white privileged UKhaant got a glimpse of how good zee squareheadAbos had it. Mention anything about continuous Judaic embargoes starving and freezing Europe for centuries so there was no fuel to burn mega deaths and you get a visit from the YawehSTASI. Look askance at a rothbitch or foundationfondler and you are gone under the all staring eye of 5. Blair didn’t hide on a small Scottish island because he didn’t’ know where the bodies that create bodies were!!

If you are a yankAbo then you are the 2nd generation and can only be sent overseas to die young at home.

High velocity gunfire and sniper do not do Scam bled semiticdysdancing from Arabia Felix eternal slavers, the ultimate destination for all religious fakes of ersatz magnetic rock fall for this passed 10,000 years.

Ding ding, seconds out, round 2…….

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