Wednesday 9 January 2019

Time to look at the 7. 1 of 7.

Those equipped to take on the pantechnikon of wankstators are few and far between but there are 7 at the moment. I think the saddles are finally inhabited by sentient carbon based life forms.

Note the warwound but we are patched up and ready to rock. We go to Brasilia this century and Tzimbabwe in the 22nd. I know, who’d’a’thunk it.

Over this coming 12 months the iron handlers will have a yakk at us. I know this is a tad late, Quigley would have us believe that the mid 18th century in USofA corp. was optimum for personal liberty, however even in the early 21st century those of spiritualskill and mindwerfery can run operational.

Now and again some will ride into the battle unknown and forever after will be forgotten simply because at the scene everyone is dead Dave. Everyone is dead; Dave.

A bit like, and I know that particular history is being rewritten at this time, however the romantic version suits this narrative, the 2000 samurai who stood down the Mongol invasion fleet 800 years ago or so.

Everyone was dead on all sides.

As at Midway when Ford was on hand with the history rewrite project to document fact for fiction we are having our reality imagined into being on every front by magicians. These are not just industrial light and magik, at a flat top battle, that we come to view and worship; they are targeted at us in a very special individual way. There is no escape.

If ever there was a strange attractor moment then the wheeling out of certain weapon systems to combat the long and hard work endured by the 7 is more grist to this absolute mill.

I don’t mean the ArseIntelligence auto query of the DailyFail digital archives like Arserfaaan or the well muppetery scene setters like Fartseeker. It is the appearance of tikkingmassalas like exoplotics, targeted bints and sudden Saul of Tarsus billionaires attaching themselves to these 7 very recently.

I would cite GCHQPope, the useless claaahn, turning up like a little decanted discord with Dolan in November last year.

Finally. I would assume that everyone who is deep into this war which we cannot influence at this moment, will know that whatever it is that is taking the care to slow us into defilement is so ancient there were no jews around when the war started and that to concentrate any attention there is to be a traitor to the cause.

The enemy knows it cannot win, it’s best outcome is to convince us we are defeated and have lost our souls.

It can GGTF!

So take it away CAF.

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