Saturday 5 January 2019

The Ghost hordes of Jimmy Savile's.......

...cock stalks the world.

Woman in long term vegetative state suddenly gives birth, sparking sex abuse investigation -- Society's Child --

I think that the RICO nature of each and every system is beyond doubt now. Perhaps it was a sexual energyemergency Sausagemuncherlandstylee Blackpuddingsodomystylee? Perhaps she was a gymnast and continued to get her coaching cockproxy. Perhaps she was a vestalvirgin and templewhore kept on ice. Does she still have her eyeballs? Which parts of her are missing? WTF are we to make of the sexist escorting men by wimmins, the wimmins are just as likely to phukk you over under overwatch FFS!!!!!!!

Jacques Ellul described it all 70 years ago but he forgot to add the satansoupçon.

Stay the phukk away from all human constructs until the whole phukkin' dump burns.

What is the story supposed to say?

We know that all abortion clinics are run by Hekatecultists, we know they love the spiraling smoke rising form their Ba'al ovens, we know they give free money to their mutantpets for foodstuffs.

WTF is the story for? Arizona is a talmudshithouse.

WTF are we supposed to do with the story?

Print it and take it to the shit house for a dump.


Bring to on.

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