Tuesday 22 January 2019

“Illness is a political decision”

What none of the MiHiMediaSpyBBCbitchboys will ever mention is that Moscow hated the Magyarscum, London hated the Magyarscum, Washington DC hated the Magyar scum.

Just like the Polish national uprising in 44, the MiHiMickeymouseOSS club made it look as if the west might help. But no, Washington DC hated the Polakscum, Moscow hated the Polakscum, Berlin hated the Polakscum, London hated the Polakscum. And all the scum died or got reframed.

Kind of like the Tet uprising. Peking, London, Washington DC, Paris, Moscow all hated the Vietscum. And they got deadified and reframed into Nike factories for Basketballslaverstars to prance around in.

And all the while RCE/TA welcomed the found out jumped up criminals from all over the cokeworld. I love that bit at the beginning where the massive faces get paraded in the processions. I’ll bet the godlikecreationpsychobitchboy Moshe loved that shit too.

GlobalAbos let it be quite clear you are hated, always were, always will be, by halfbastard voidminded universalbanksterscum and will get removed under the intense media coverage of a D notice outrage.

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