Tuesday 8 January 2019

The bicameral windmills of their hivemind

I meant to post this a while back but the pages are masseev here at the krenkenwerfer and the rate of fire is slower than required.

If the hundredth phukkwitz, bicameral mind and massive cast structures are brought together what does one get…..

Khaammiekhaants in Kharkov. Innit? Trotshit, Lenintheft and rabidbodies in the ‘crete. Has the strange nature of koshergansters in talmudstripes running everything whilst the mix was being poured in the 1930s in USofAcorp., UKabocorp, USSR all been blown away by a setting mind?

I don’t think I have heard TS mention Tsarion but they both point in the correct direction. Like Brizer’s guest McGuire they all know the west was feeding the phukkwitz in the eastern rubble zone as overwatch.

It should be something to be savoured that the current construction of a universal harem, and when ever did a harem revolt, with the globounuch serving as sectral dronegenerational androgynotroopers will eventually lead to the self replicating final battle. As the skits I plonked out here at Parsley intimate, the vestal virgins will kill more than anyone culd imagine. Never a changing gamete in that vasselvessel.

I don’t know when the penny will drop but I am sure one day the that pecuniary will fall and all the laster numbers will evaporate.

As I was saying a long while back, you do not look up when standing within stones unless a phukwitz heaves into view, then you cast the blade.

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