Monday 31 December 2018

Repetition, ritual, ceremony and worship

A right beezer to finish the year with.

I had almost forgotten the main point of my outpouring of ultrabollox here. Parking the attention span into millions of words and thousands and thousands of unFartbooked/Gurgleminging/Arsezon pages can take the eye of the ball. Tsktsk. If Hitler did have a singular orb then all those who research such bollox need to be taken out OGPUstylee, to a far forest, Katynstylee, and ventilated, pharmacystylee, for being khaants who don’t look hard at Blokhin, Beria, Kaganovitch and other assorted talmudtypists piss artists. Oh and if there are any heroes who want to stare closely at gas chambers then do tell what the talmudworrying clowns were up to in the research labs, talpiotsylee, ManhattanstyleeeeeeehahaaBWAHHAWAHHAAAAAAAA.

If you don’t get it then just look at your bills and the pilgrimages made at the same time, approximately, to the same place, geographically, with same people, hivemindedly, to serve your god.

If you get Mathis and his recent staring hard at pi then you can understand the DeLooze perspective on a slowly rotating massive shadow of a 4D contour as stimulation of torsion.

The problem that we face is that in trying to fathom the mentalicertainty of the coons we forget that we, all, are amnesiac. They dream that there is a real need for these 3Dstatics but they do not know why and their thirst to use false numerics as a brake on humanity until they use us to bring their focus sharp is a self reinforcing phallusy.

Like the clown Freud and his kreepzoid lineage not knowing what womb envy is.

The khaaants actually believe their phukwittery and will never stop their slaughter of innocents. Unfortunately we must die in vast numbers to beat there phukkwittery.

As I remarked earlier this year, our flare path is illuminated with the burning souls of atheists.


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