Sunday 23 December 2018

Cherry on top the midden mast.

Sometimes the cherry takes the choccy biscuit prize. Et voila,…

“….So for Michelle Obama to engage in more of her husband's racism against a Slavic woman, whose ancestors were raped, sold, butchered and murdered by Muslims as Slaves, is the worst form of ignorance and ill social behavior.
TNB, is Total Nigger Behavior, and that is what Michelle Robinson Obama exhibits, as her parents in Chicago politics attempted to lift themselves up to the Martin King standard of societal integration, but  Michelle Obama ran back to the gutter of Nigger Pop. or the subculture of street hoodlum hatred…..”

I think what LC is trying to say on this occasion is that we are watching a degenerate cargo cult import smashing mirrors as incomprehensible . It is NFI.

A common phenomenon that UKplc has been following for a century now that all UKabos are dead. UKplc has flooded carefully fenced importation container centres overflowing with decanted empty vessels, all the more to raise the phukkwittery levels of worship.

UKplc. No Fucking Idea Cargo Cult Pirates.

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