Sunday, 11 April 2010

As above

So below

17,000 years out and still going.

However no matter how far one goes two never go far.

At the beginning of Chinese history stands a tablet which in some mysterious way is supposed to be connected with an explanation of the universe. It has been reconstructed by later Chinese thinkers and is pictured in the hands of Fuh-Hi as an arrangement of the kwa figures preserved in the Yih King. Considering the several traces of Babylonian traditions in ancient Chinese literature and folklore, would it not be justifiable to identify the tablet of Fuh-Hi with the ancient Babylonian "Tablet of Destiny" mentioned in the Enmeduranki Text, a copy of which was discovered in the archives of Asurbanipal 20 and was said to contain the "Mystery of Heaven and Earth?"
p. 34
Enmeduranki, king of Sippar, is the seventh of the aboriginal kings, and he declares that he received the divine tablet "from Anu, [Bel, and Ea]." 21
Chinese sages have their own interpretation of the phrase "the mystery of heaven and earth." They would at once associate the words "heaven" and "earth" with the two opposing principles yang and yin, and the question is whether among the ancient Sumerians there was not a similar tendency prevalent. It seems to be not impossible that the Chinese tablet in the hands of Fuh-Hi is the same as the "Tablet of Destiny" of the Sumerians, and when some Assyriologist has informed himself of the primitive Chinese conception of this mysterious tablet, he may be able to throw some additional light on the subject.

Right get the whiskey out, pour a stiff one, it is a long read from LaRouche.

However it is a good one.

As in the past. So in the future.

I’m off to wander in the beautiful green of English thousand year old lanes. Wondrous diversified hedgerows with inclusive flora and fauna. Oh joy.

A final few ranging shots will scream out at the other shop tomorrow before I saddle up.

I’ll be back next week.


  1. "I’m off to wander in the beautiful green of English thousand year old lanes. Wondrous diversified hedgerows with inclusive flora and fauna. Oh joy."

    C'mon now :) get in the spirit Incoming :) hehe

  2. Don't be long. As above, so below.

  3. Yes AdamS I know when I'm dealing with racist, supremacist, of colour, cryptomonochromatic, oligarchist, shit spewing, revisionist, triple thinking, lazy city dwellers' propaganda.

    Great big rubber knecked, brass lipped cuckoos.

  4. These people play a long game - they are everywhere.

  5. Exactly Fausty. They've ALWAYS been here before. We always meet them for the first time. They meet us over and over again. That's why we get kicked in the slats over and over again. I beleive it to be a tell tale of their longevity as an unbroken chain of experiance and memory. If this time is to be different we must ignore them and set our own agenda.


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