Tuesday 6 April 2010

Fallow Fields

Are we fallow fields to be cropped as and when our masters see fit? Sown and Scythed according to a long wave agenda. Anthropomorphic Kondratiev Cycles? Do we lay passively awaiting planting, manure and watering?

I reckon most do.

Over the Easter weekend I managed to get lots of Bow time in with me mukkas and one of our conversations turned to the differences between China and India. My Chinese businessman chum had no Easter weekend he just had ChiComm Zentral wanting their weekly reports but we still touched base. He remarked that the Indians were, compared to China, in a bit of bother socially. The social justice of so much poverty located beside so much extreme wealth was going to cause trouble. Compared to China which was a paragon of virtue, India was going to get it pronto on the scales of justice.

Interesting perspective I thought as I popped another Bow and to make sure no AS 2iC moment was on the horizon, I shut up. He cited the case of the guy who has bagged Volvo, Goldman Sucks bestest chum in ChiComm land. Quote “He is a peasant” unquote. Well that’s social mobility thinks I. From paddy field to industrial Kingpin, better than a 1920’s Chicago mobster. Though interestingly you’ll see the same forces at work there. Chicago and ChiComms. Rothschild.

Cameron's gggrand daddy and Rothschild’s gggrand daddy all met the Japs in London in period 1902-1906 I believe,

“Cameron's forebears have a long history in finance. His father Ian was a director of estate agent John D Wood, and the stockbrokers Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, where his grandfather and great-grandfather also worked.[6] One great-grandfather, Arthur Francis Levita (brother of Sir Cecil Levita),[11] of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, and great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron,[10] London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in discussions led by the Rothschilds with the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo concerning the selling of war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war.[12] Another great-grandfather, Ewen Allan Cameron was a senior partner with Panmure Gordon stockbrokers and served on the Council for Foreign Bondholders,[13] and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders (set up by the then-Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman in November 1935).[14]” Wikipedia

to discuss further funds that were needed for kicking the shit out of China. Don’t be misled on the Japanese-Russo war, which was a fuck over China move, with the added bonus of stiffing the Russians. TPTB knew the Romanovs were going to get theirs soon enough.

So just to make sure the import of the above sinks in for UKplc. The guys running the show back then, 1902-06, have got their seed in place to run the show again right here, right now. No way was a stoker’s son or a seamstress’ daughter getting into the show. Tainted seed you see, no lineage back through the gateway.

So what has all this got to with water meadows, crop rotation and Jethro Tull I hear you ask?

Well everything. If you look at finance as a means of uniting the planet, again, indeed your primary tool for doing so using precious metals and conjured finance as the standard methodology; and sacred never ending missions involving exploration by sea, needing it’s special trade law, Admiralty, to blanket the world eventually, you need to manage the effects of your actions on the locals.

One way of managing that is when the locals start to get uppity and ask pointy questions, this is your first trip wire, and begin to see what is going on.

What do you do if you are TPTB?

Remove the conjured finance and any precious metals locally using trade then abandon the locals to toiling fallow for a couple of centuries or more whilst you start your voodoo on another region either newly discovered or previously trashed. Once you’ve removed the funny money no one, except your agents, are going anywhere.

Where is still fallow?


What was fallow and is now reseeded?

China and Brazil.

What is going fallow now?


What will be going fallow soon?

North America

What will be reseeded soon?


That may not make sense to you or me but if I were looking back down a timeline of 60,000 years or so to when my ancestors made it through the last big squeeze on numbers, that’s the way I might read my field plan. Our lives are rotated in the great pastures and arable lands of the faithful. Or we may even be left underwater to drown out. Margined in the water, as above so below.

That’s a long perspective. Let me repeat that, it is a looonnngggg perspective. Is it a view that the mystery schools might hold?

I‘ll just pause here a second and make something quite clear.

Although I’m more than aware of the alien/reptilian/UFO, the ARUFO angle; and entertaining and useful it may be, most of this stuff comes from a society that cannot invent anything other than fantasy. In fact almost all of it comes from a people with no history. I recognise this ARUFO as a signature of deceit, for it seeks to displace the true history of mankind; it is no more than soap operas for the more awake.

One of the things that I am in total agreement with is MT’s assertion that mankind is suffering the results of a great ancient trauma. That trauma is a key to understanding our present, past and future I believe. I reckon it is somewhere in that 60-70,000 years ago period.

Anything that has as a prime objective of driving the ARUFO agenda, like Exopolitics, is I feel part of a deliberate attempt to denigrate humanity. These kinds of agenda are designed to keep us small and weak. They attempt to take our attention away from what is our real, though somewhat lost and muddled, history. We do not need these kinds of interjections and impositions on our species development. Humanity has done wonderful things in the past we just need to examine our skewed beliefs today to reach back and get a grip of what WE did, no one else.

So with that in mind let’s slip out through my 4000BC brick wall and go to some of Hancock’s favourite hangouts; Yonaguni and the Alto Plano. Back perhaps as far as 15,000 BC if we are lucky. One is under water and the other is high in the air. Wonder if TPTB will start a war in Bolivia just to trash the evidence?

As I’ve mentioned before one of the first things to go out the window soon is Newton’s gravitational constant. Quickly followed by all the rest. These physical laws and physical constants are a trap of Admiralty. We have a deliberately poisoned natural philosophy. In the talk below you will here the commentator constantly emphasis the hardness of rocks and stones. OK that is now. What if as speculated about in The Saturnian Hypothesis we live in an electric universe that has turned off locally? Perhaps big phekking monoliths and Palaeolithic miracles would be commonplace back then.

Again the usual health warnings apply.

45 mins. or so. Enjoy


  1. Ah so! The banking conspiracy continues with Cameron the bastard. The bastards won't be happy until were all enslaved. Roll on the revolution.

  2. DL the bait & switch has to be kept in the families. I keep saying these clowns look back all the time, never forward. The Old World Order is their aim, slavery is their game. They didn't get the subcontract on ramp building at the pyramid sites for nothing!!;-)

  3. Good digging there, Incoming. Interesting piece.

    Of course, the victors write the history books, so it's quite possible that much of what we were taught at school is quite simply, bollocks.

    I recall Cecil John Rhodes (founder of Rhodesia) being hailed as a hero. Yeah, right. That's not what documentation, dug up by determined historians, found. NWO personified.

  4. Fausty you are not wrong there. They even get the historians in to eulogise and hagiography before they are dead. I always wonder if the stuff we dig up really means anything, archeologically speaking.

    If 10,000 years from now archeologists dug up a bit of ancient server farm and managed to decode only DL's stuff I'd love to hear what they would make of our society!!:-)

  5. Is our society any different from that of the Romans once it was in terminal decline?

    I've been reading Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, which provides a fantastic overview of history.

    Your post led me down several fascinating paths yesterday, Incoming! Particularly interesting was Michael Tsarion (michaeltsarion.com and copious videos on youtube) and Klaus Dona's interview with Project Camelot.

  6. Fausty, I've always taken Quigley's big book as a great big phekking arrow pointing "This way". My question regarding European civilisation is can it reinvent itself for a fourth time? Can Europe find a fourth way to break the oligarchic impulse? THAT can only be answered by looking at the complete human dynamic which is why I'm heading way back as far as I can to find the origins of oligarchy.

  7. This time around, I fear the oligarchs have too much of the world's wealth, Incoming, thanks to their cunning ponzi monetary system, the scrapping of Glass Steagall and their infiltration into the heart of governments around the world.

    Hell, we don't even own our land any more (as the Australian and US farmers have discovered). They've made it illegal to sink boreholes, etc. Bit by bit, they're pulling the rug from under us.

  8. Fausty it is our rug, not theirs, and they don't know how to weave their own. They are infinitely knowledgeable, I will concede. However their ignorance is unbounded.

    Hubris is their signature.


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