Friday 23 April 2010


Out of the stress and strains of the universe; of which our existence is a mere fraction, came nothing. The ancients tried to describe this miracle and did their best. We are too stupid, sunned and stunned to understand what they are signalling to us through the millennia and their best and brightest.

We are phukkwitz with cheese on. Anthropomorphic jesters. Chrétien with a line of funny money.

Inclusive in our downfall and enslavery.

Detach the now.

Remember the First Time no matter the yawning gap. We were not free then.

Was it really the First Time? What was being described? The egg. The Ben Ben. The Isle. Surrounded and then submerged again.

A little color.

The merger of imagination, phantasm, observation and thought is almost complete. In the here and gone. The to be and spent.

Rhetoric through science is resolved.

However study to completion is undermined by the mind morph and subtle changes inherent in the First Time.

For humanity rhetoric will always gain their never the mind.

The ancient Egyptians, when they were remembered, Atlantis insisted that they were maintaining a memory that was petrified.

To Solon a toast. Noted and marked son. Natural philosophy and magik are too entwined for simple minds .

No; we’ve had a handful of stupefaction thrown into our third eye.

Third is not our first time.

Nor the second


We know the confluence of life’s great dream; unfortunately our duty is to take the hits over and over again.

Are you a shield bearer?

Can you protect the turf?

The strike is coming not from our weakness but from their hubris.

Subtle self correct and wait.

A final heads up.

Stop and free our unadulterated gifts.

That way.

Freedom’s way.

Not isolated but granted.

Repulse the unnamed, unwelcomed embrace.

Welcome all.

What is your real handle?

That is the question.

Are you?

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