Sunday 19 July 2009

The Phekkin' Irish Gobshites!!!! OR The End of Unreality Treaty and the Phekkin’ Irish!!!!

As usual they did it.

And they won’t stop with their phekkin’ referendum. Oh no!!!! That’s not good enough for them.

They want to claim the world for themselves.

MT hates Common Purpose as well. Good lad.

So come on Irish don’t let them get you.

What is this thing that we labour under?

Well watch these guys again.

Lovely stuff. Definitely a whiff of TPE/Undertones. Zomo in the sky next.

Don’t forget there is no right or left dialectic, we only have toying oligarchy.

And by what name shall ye know it.

No matter how much shit they shovel at you don’t forget the Synod of Whitby 664AD.

Kick the Venetians in the Encyclical.

Don’t sell us out this time.

Come on the Phekkin’ Irish.

Heads up.

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