Monday 13 July 2009

The moon is no where to run to. So why did they stop time?

Coming to a sleepy hamlet near you.

Don’t understand a word. I don’t care what they’re singing. I don’t care if they are espousing rabid llama eradventist necromancing loonery.

Look at it. IT IS HERE NOW!!!!

Ace stinging, baton wielding, tazer slingin, gas zingin, head cracking, face booting, terminating, hover fukkin, stealth entrappin, school killin ZOMO.

Washes you from the pages of history. Washes Browner.

“If you have a serious accident at work - including something that stops you working for three days or more - your employer must report the accident to the Health and Safety Executive”

As the Bulgarian lad with full command of English used to say through the smoking “We think England is soo communist, don’t you know that!!!”,9171,925224,00.html?iid=chix-sphere

Reminds me of That Petrol Emotion/Undertones.

“ZOMO units were created on December 24, 1956 under the direct command of the President of the Council of Ministers of the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR, Poland's communist party) and first used in 1957. Their mission statement was defined as "the protection of the nation," and their main role was as a rapid-response police force, structured after and trained by the instructors from the Schutzpolizei of East Germany. Since 1972, the duties of ZOMO included counter-terrorism (including countering aircraft hijackings), with the elite Special Platoons of the ZOMO (pl. Plutony Specjalne ZOMO) created in 1978. As opposition to the communist government in Poland grew, the units were expanded to counter the growing unrest, and their role became more of anti-riot police. In 1968, ZOMO was used to disperse the student protests during the 1968 Polish political crisis, leading to the reform of the formation. In 1970, thousands troops from the Polish People's Army and ZOMO were used to quell the Polish 1970 protests, killing dozens of people and injuring more than 1,000.” Wikipedia.

Be careful there.

There is no more cavalry coming to the rescue. The ZOMO/STASI may have been silenced by freedom loving people. But these freedom loving people have no more horses.

The cavalry has gone. Thousands of years in servitude wait.

Some people measure their freedom by their ability to shit on others.

What a pity that the people who wanted liberty for all are passing away. Again.

Heads up.

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