Monday 6 July 2009

Where do we keep our list up to date?

Where to start then?

We are skint.

Dark Force doesn’t want to tell us we’re skint. He’s MKUltra’d don’t forget, it’s the only explanation!!! His ALTER lives in another parallel reality.

Ma Cherry cannot tell us though he’d like to.

Zorzi knows its gone bang but good form says he should just make general rumbling noises, at least until further instructions before the main event.

The Lord High Executioner doesn’t care because this is what he’s been after all along.

So how do we put it all in context? Well I much prefer to be in the company of people who tell it like it is.

In the very near future there is going to be conflict between those who are billionaires, who have escaped into another realm, and poor millionaires who are stuck back with us the great unwashed. The UK MoD recent future study alludes to the middle classes becoming transnational in their interests; well that is part of the battle of 6 zeros versus 9 zeros.

So who to listen to. Remember you’ll get NOTHING from MSM.

Well any/all of the following

Max Keiser. Anyone who calls for Hank Paulson’s head to bounce down the Capitol steps gets my attention.

Gerald Celente another no holds barred commentator.

Bob Chapman, though take care not to get too carried away on the metals front, another solid read on what’s coming down the tracks.

Anything by Michel Chossudovsky here,

Adrian Salbuchi who’ll scare the shit out of you if you watch his discussions about what happened to Argentina and where we are currently in this crisis.

If you’ve curled up for the night with a good dram then get your head round this lad.

Finally to keep everyone grounded go here for more key facts, and tips for the future.

So there we are that should just about cover it.

Remember the UK Government have abandoned us, we are useless eaters. That was blindingly obvious to me as I watched a bus skidding down Colney Hatch Lane in the snow Early 2003. A time when people were abandoned in their cars on the M11 and no grit was being put on the roads.

We are to be left to our own devices.

Remember to keep your list up to date, our equivalent of their red/blue lists, so that after the hammer drops if you meet any of the phekkers on your list you’ll know what to do, because IF you actually meet them that means the main event was so traumatic the Lead Pill Pharmacy have gone too.

Heads up.

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