Monday 11 February 2019

When I grow up I want to be a pale imitation of my heroes.....

War Games - 1965 from John Haines on Vimeo.

......because I am one generation too late to drag the scum on the lists off into Rendelsham for good lime filled pitting and one generation too early to bring the STASI Zbigniew paradise into fruition Phoenixprogammestylee,

I will have to be content to hide in the Boybitch Bitchboy Club and groom the next generation of ZOMOids Savilestylee.

Have you ever wondered what the whole arc of UK history has really been for this passed 200 years? Do you really, really believe that M'arse, Rhodes and Milner actually considered the passage of time in a bifurcating Gaussian distribution was going to lead to anything other than failure of their precious dabblings, dribbling and daubings on the canvas of history?

If Homer Lea can get it so right and yet no one hears about it, Kalergi gets it so wrong and all you hear is supremacist third way then WTF do you think the actual desired outcome is to be?

If you spend all the run time given to you fulfilling the diurinal filling junk food of cultured toxins then you might as well dig your own lime filled pit, shoot yourself several times in the base of your skull and post the bill to your extended time burning relies post mortem.

The only thing that UK had going for it was that as cryptoBlokfuerers we were shit at it. Things are now so very different.

ZOMO v's whiggers of colour

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